"There will never be transparency in the UK... The democratic process has completely flatlined"
- Dan Astin-Gregory


Dan Astin-Gregory of Pandemic Podcast fame joins Rob Verkerk PhD this week to ‘speak naturally’ on the extraordinary predicament we find ourselves in and how we should emerge from it. Given the success of the Pandemic Podcast, which has shot from a standing start to over 5 million views in just 8 months, you might think that Dan is a journalist. He isn’t. Dan describes himself as an entrepreneur with a curious mind. His motto in life is “Question Everything”, which has stood him in very good stead in his transition from entrepreneur to activist.


"Question everything. Don’t accept things at face value. Look beneath the bonnet because not everything is as it seems."- Dan Astin-Gregory



The events of the last 15 months have triggered many people who never thought of themselves as activists to take a stand. Dan's trigger was the children (he's going to be a new Dad in September!). His inherent natural curiosity and desire to figure out how things work combined with his view that we all have a right to an opinion and a perspective, and a right to commentate on how this experience is affecting our lives, provided the necessary foundations. But it wasn't until he saw images of children isolated in bubbles, in perspex boxes and sitting in freezing classrooms having to wear coats because the windows were open that something inside him broke. Enough was enough and he found his courage to speak out. 


“I’d struggled to start my own business and build up my reputation. To vocally speak out was a big decision… I had fears around it - what my clients would think, what my friends would think. But what I was witnessing was too big to sit on the sidelines and ignore.”

- Dan Astin-Gregory


Make Lockdowns History

During the interivew you'll hear Dan talking about an incredibly important event he’s organising in London, on 17th July, entitled ‘Make Lockdowns History’. Don’t worry if you live further afield, the event is being livestreamed for members of the public, but there are a limited number of guest tickets for the press and experts from sectors that can have an influence on major change.

This is the first summit to evaluate the global response to Covid19 with the main objectives being to review the response, look at various exit strategies and deliver a recovery roadmap to help accelerate a return to civil life. We're firmly in support of this event and Rob Verkerk will be attending on July 17th. Visit the website to register your interest.

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