Who's experienced joy over the last two years? Many of us, quite probably, such is our species' ability to find ways of achieving this state despite the trials and tribulations that might surround us.

Some old relationships might have been shattered or just withered on the vine, but, invariably, these will have been replaced with new relationships with those who are more aligned with our values.

Beyond the individual, communities have fragmented only to reform, with support networks blossoming to meet unmet needs during these turbulent and pressured times. Everything is in flux, so it seems, because this is indeed a time of transformation.

Each one of us can affect the direction of our future trajectory - and here at ANH we're deeply committed to co-creating a positive future in which health, happiness, justice, freedom and a deep connection with nature are central, guiding principles. 

Through increased awareness, changes in working conditions and altered life/work balance, many people have rediscovered and reconnected with the natural world, while prioritising more quality time with their families and friends.  

We've advocated the importance of 'rest and digest' eating around the dining room table for years, so it was reassuring to find a recent US survey commissioned by the American Heart Association that confirmed that families that regularly eat together are significantly less stressed and much happier than those that don't.

It's with this in mind that we've decided to celebrate the diversity of things that make us - or would we say you - happy.

What is happiness?

So what is happiness? Happiness is the polar opposite of depression, not simply the absence of clinical symptoms of depression, a condition that has seen significantly increased prevalence since covid-19 entered our world in 2020.

In regenerating health and resilience among individuals and in communities, we need to understand what to shoot for and many would agree that the complex, often ill-defined and sometimes elusive state of happiness is one of the key emotional states most of us would dearly like to experience more of the time. 

But how do we achieve it? Simple answer: it's different for different people. That's why we thought a good starting point to understanding happiness among those of us who are passionate about natural health would be to learn more about how our readership manages to find it!

Having published RESET EATING in March, we thought this was the perfect giveaway to help incentivise you.

It's this simple: All you have to do is tell us what makes you happy.

Details of how to share your 'recipes for happiness' are below.

What's your recipe for Happiness?

Would you like to cook a recipe from RESET EATING with Rob and Meleni? Or how about receiving a signed copy of the book? You would? That's fantastic as we have the perfect competition for you.

Three lucky contributors whose stories are rated as being most relevant and impactful by our expert 3-person panel of psychoneuroimmunology practitioners (including Meleni) will each receive a signed copy of RESET EATING.

And that's not all!

One lucky winner will get to prepare and cook a recipe from RESET EATING with Rob and Meleni either in-person at the ANH headquarters near Guildford, Surrey (UK) or online if you can't get to our office.

Enter the giveaway

  1. Go to the RESET EATING Instagram or Facebook pages
  2. Share your 'Recipe for Happiness' with #recipeforhappiness
  3. Like the RESET EATING Facebook page or follow the RESET EATING instagram page

Closing date: 24th October 2022

If you prefer not to use Instagram or Facebook, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.​

On the 31st October we will reveal the 3 lucky winners LIVE on the RESET EATING Facebook page!

We thrive on stories - particularly the positive kind! So if you feel like sharing a deeper story and you don't wish to be identified, please do, just change the names and/or use first names only.

Make sure you're part of this fantastic giveaway by sharing your 'Recipes for Happiness' with us!

Unless you state otherwise, we may select part or all of your stories in a future ANH article on happiness. 

A huge thank you - in anticipation of your contributions. We hope that reliving your story brings more happiness into your life!



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