We unfortunately must let you know that last night we joined the hallowed halls of ‘the deplatformed’. As free speech in the West comes under ever greater threat, we have now come to accept that being cancelled from a social media platform is an ever more common occurrence, one that perversely almost comes with some kind of badge of honour if you’re still confident, as we are, of the truthfulness, relevance and integrity of the information you have communicated publicly.

It’s a concept that wasn’t was part of our vocabulary until last year, but now it’s just another addition to post-covid common parlance, along with lockdowns, tracking, tracing, pings and vaccine passports. Unsurprisingly, given its track record of blatant censorship over the last 17 months, the entity that meted out the deletion of our Alliance for Natural Health International channel was YouTube. The excuse for our third and lethal ‘strike’ was the video we released last week showing a compilation of factual, newsworthy clips from worldwide freedom rallies that took place on Saturday 24th July. Civil protests that are deliberately excluded from mainstream media attention. Peculiarly, YouTube claims the video violated its ‘medical misinformation policy’. But there was neither medical misinformation nor any medical information in this video. Our team has watched and re-watched the video and are still reeling from the way a Silicon Valley tech giant has decided to override even its own guidelines. It seems the tech giants will do whatever they wish if they want information off their platform when it doesn’t accord with the mainstream narrative they’ve signed up to arbitrate over.

We did see a single banner carried in protest bearing the word ivermectin on it and felt this might have been the excuse, probably one determined by a bot rather than a human. But that image was a reflection of a factual event, and it would be a pitiful reflection on freedom of expression if such protest banners were declared as ‘medical misinformation’ - especially when ivermectin has such a rapidly burgeoning evidence base (see here and here) to support its use for covid. We should never forget that peaceful protests have been central to delivering the relative state of freedom most of us in the West have long been able to enjoy - as well as being one of the supposedly protected, inalienable human rights.

YouTube may be feeling all powerful at the moment, but it takes more than a press of a button to stamp out a freedom movement that’s increasing exponentially on a daily basis. Practically speaking, and for the time being, it does however mean that you need to head over to our Brighteon channel to access our videos whilst we gather ourselves and regroup.

And please do share as many of them as you can in as many places as you can.

Free speech be dammed

We have clearly reached that watershed moment where free speech — protected in the US constitution by the First Amendment — is routinely being violated by US tech giants. YouTube’s deplatforming of the ANH-Intl channel was far from the first. Joseph Mercola’s site at mercola.com has been viciously targeted and viewed as one of the major sources of so-called ‘medical misinformation’ by entities such as the Center for Countering Digitial Hate and the Vaccine Confidence Project. A closer look at the challenges typically reveals a pattern of Mercola simply relaying information that doesn’t coincide with the narrative governments, the mainstream media and tech giants are trying to uphold.

Try as they might to silence those who are prepared to speak out and stand up against the culture of fear, intimidation and tyranny now pervading the globe, to deplatform, malign, cancel, defame and slander for daring to question the mainstream narratives, like the many headed hydra, we will just come back stronger.

Dr Joseph Mercola circulated a poignant, heartfelt email yesterday, sharing something of the trials and tribulations he and his team have faced recently. Longtime natural health advocate, credited with helping millions of people over the last 25 years, Joseph Mercola, is now deemed to be the most dangerous purveyor of medical misinformation. Given the top position in the so-called ‘Disinformation Dozen’, a label created by the UK-based Center for Countering Digital Hate (which puts out more hate than it seems to counter), Mercola is now in the sights of none other than Joe Biden and the US’ 3 letter agencies. Following the latest hate piece in the New York Times, he announced today (04/08/2021) that he will continue to publish articles, but they will only be available for a 48-hour period. Just long enough for people to download and republish elsewhere! Guerrilla warfare at its best.

How high will the stakes go?

Barely a day goes by without news of yet more tyrannical restrictions and punishments for those choosing to stand up for freedom. The tone and tempo of the attacks on those speaking out has taken a sinister turn in recent weeks with the dial being turned up a number of notches in what seems like increasingly desperate attempts to silence those who stand for freedom.

Leading the charge is the newly formed Global Coalition for Digital Safety. No prizes for guessing that the seemingly ever present, World Economic Forum, is behind its creation.

An investigation by US-based organisation, Judicial Watch, has revealed the extent of the collusion between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Big Tech to squash anyone contradicting CDC messaging. The CDC’s reward? Just a mere $3.5 million dollars in free advertising across social media platforms to allow it distribute ‘scientifically accurate data’.

The censor’s axe is now extending to its mainstream media colleagues down under. Sky News Australia, operated by Australian News Channel Pty Ltd (ANC), a subsidiary of News Corp Australia, owned by media mogul Robert Murdoch, was banned from uploading content for a week by YouTube after old videos were reviewed and found to be a source of misinformation. Its digital editor, Jack Houghton, has called the suspension a “disturbing attack” on both human and media rights.

Veteran reporter, Alan Jones’, regular column has been pulled by the Daily Telegraph due to his covid-19 commentary. In the US, Fox News and Tucker Carlson are coming under increasing pressure as people are incited to sue them for sharing information to allow people to make informed decisions about the coronavirus crisis.

In the Philippines, President Duterte has warned those who refuse to be vaccinated will not be allowed to leave their homes.

In Australia, fines for not wearing a mask are being doubled amidst calls for harsher penalties to be introduced for anyone found to be spreading ‘misinformation’ online.

News has emerged that Singapore authorities have taken things one step further with police now able to enter homes and business premises without a warrant to check people are following coronavirus restrictions.

Medical authorities crackdown

It's a calamity for the progression of science now that open scientific debate is considered ‘medical misinformation’ particularly when such debate is being driven by well respected, eminent, scientists and doctors globally.

Doctors from around the globe have been speaking out in ever greater numbers via social media, online and in the media as they start to deal with patients suffering side-effects following receipt of covid vaccines. Increasingly, numbers are losing their medical licenses for speaking out. As a result, the screws are being turned on doctors and healthcare workers to keep stum and cover up evidence of the harms of the covid vaccines so people will continue to line up for the covid vaccines, regardless of either their need or their safety.

In a move that’s sent shockwaves through the medical community in the US, the Federation of State Medical Boards has said that any physician who expresses their concerns over covid vaccines will be in very real danger of being “…disciplined by state medical boards, including suspension or revocation of their medical licence” for spreading ‘misinformation’.

In the UK, Dr Sam White and Dr Iqbal Adil have both had their licence to practise suspended after they, separately, spoke out against covid restrictions and questioned the safety of covid vaccines.

An Israeli doctor, Arieh Avni, has permanently lost his medical licence. Both Belgium’s Order of Physicians and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario have said any doctor found to be spreading misinformation runs the risk of being suspended

In the US, respected cardiologist, Dr Peter McCullough, has stuck his head well and truly above the parapet, risking his career and reputation to highlight his concerns around the covid vaccinations, particularly of the young. His previous employer has filed a lawsuit against him in what has been deemed to be a politically motivated act by Dr McCullough’s lawyer.

The list grows ever longer by the day as appalled by all they’re seeing and the realisation that the situation is far from what it seems to be, more and more doctors and healthcare professionals are speaking out, regardless of the consequences.

David and Goliath tactics

In Italy, a group of MPs protested against the introduction of the ‘Green Pass’ covid vaccine certification system by rushing into the centre of the chamber shouting and waving signs reading ‘No Green Pass’.

France is bracing itself for a wave of economy-crippling strikes as French citizens say a very firm ‘Non’ to vaccine passports, following a strike at a hospital in Montelimar against mandated vaccination.


"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them..."- Aldous Huxley

Sovereignty our best protection against coercion

The times we live in may seem dark, with the few rays of hope being extinguished by the day. Change is rarely easy or comfortable, but the emerging civil rights movement that is asking for the restoration of civil liberties and for covid-19 to be treated like any other infectious disease is growing stronger in response to the repression. More and more people are coming to the conclusion this isn’t just about a virus.

We ask you to please take heart, because all is by no means lost. The more the crackdowns happen, the more people wake up to what the real, unspoken agenda is really about.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that will ultimately mean that freedom will once again be ours. The more they try to suppress the truth and the voices of those who dissent, the louder and stronger will be those voices, joined by others who wake to the outrage. The more of us who stand in quiet, determined, peaceful sovereignty, the more we create the world we wish to live in and leave behind for those following us. We have to stand up for and embody freedom in order to ensure its return to our world. Like our forebears did many times over to deliver many societies around the world we were happy, until very recently, to consider free, democratic and respectful.


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