Shaken by surges in recorded infections in the US and Brazil, the two countries that have the highest current rates of confirmed Covid-19 cases, many are looking ever more eagerly at the prospect of a vaccine. But tracking the number of confirmed cases tells us little about whether an infectious disease is or is not out of control. On the other hand, serious disease that cannot be managed or treated, along with a marked escalation in the numbers dying, tells us much more.

There is a definite excess of death in the US, but a closer look at figures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that the excess of around 100,000 deaths is heavily biased towards some states, in particular New York City, New Jersey and New York State. Excess deaths in California are only around 4,000 so far, and only 11 of 50 states have experienced excess mortalities in excess of 2,000.  

So while the world is crying out for a vaccine, we must recognise that even in the country with the largest number of recorded cases and associated deaths, the virus does not appear to be presenting the danger to us that is often portrayed. Infecting healthy people is in fact the path to getting the virus in check, to being able to resume normal lives, an approach that has been controversially (but sensibly in our view) followed by Sweden.

We must remain vigilant in monitoring deaths. Because deaths caused by Covid are not being reported accurately, we must in particular monitor excess deaths. In the vast majority of countries in the world, the number of cases, Covid associated deaths and excess mortalities are levelling out. That of course doesn’t mean infection rates won’t increase later in the year, but they are more likely to increase where smaller numbers of people have been exposed.

In the meantime, it is staggering, in our view, just how little meaningful information is being communicated by the mainstream media about the vaccine race that is running full-speed ahead in the background. The public is being teased by the prospect of a safe and effective vaccine. Yet it’s not being told that the vaccine to which it will likely be exposed will probably be genetically engineered. In many countries in the world, you can’t sell a food that contains genetically engineered plants unless you state that it contains GMOs on the label. What about vaccines that go straight into your bloodstream?

The public may well be told as soon as September that one or more vaccines ‘work,’ yet, without grassroots and political pressure, will it be told on what basis this decision to claim effectiveness was based? Extraordinarily, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has just determined there is insufficient evidence to recommend vitamin D supplementation to reduce the risk of serious disease, despite the UK having among the highest rates of vitamin D deficiency in Europe. What will NICE have to say about a Covid vaccine, based on what evidence?

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While vaccine companies are claiming they’re going into manufacture on a non-profit basis, is this really going to be the case if Covid antigens get added to the winter flu shot some time in the future? 

How much of this vaccine race is being stage-managed by Bill Gates? Will he turn out to be the hero – or perhaps the villain?

In the 25-minute documentary we showcase below, produced in-house by our newly established media unit, we expose the 15 questions we think everyone should know before they roll up their sleeves, or those of their loved ones.

The solution, we believe, is simple, yet one that needs to be fought for. It’s genuine vaccine transparency, not just lip service to the concept. Over the last 20 years of vaccine development, transparency policies established by vaccine makers and regulators have been unfit for their purpose. If we care about our future, we can’t let lack of transparency impede our fundamental right to informed consent.

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