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A lot of people are dropping dead, so it seems, especially younger people. We're beginning to see the signals in all-cause or excess mortality statistics, such as EuroMOMO. Even the mainstream (legacy) media are reporting on it - but of course - given the funding streams and control exerted by big Pharma and other powers - it seems almost every possibility other than 'genetic vaccines' is being considered as a possible reason.

We've pulled together a collage of articles below that reflect this. It's incredible how many things once considered safe for sometimes thousands of years, now carry a health warning. While it may be a tribute to journalistic creativity, it also smacks of poor integrity. But why is no one noticing that something odd is happening? Having just come back from an international conference, we can assure you that these headlines are being syndicated globally. They're not just UK headlines.


The fact that human populations are being manipulated by a form of science - behavioural science - that is far more developed and subject to consensus than the science that underpins the covid-19 'genetic vaccines' that we're told are our only way out of the pandemic, is likely to be indelibly marked in history.

While the 'nudges' and other subtle manifestations of behavioural science are subliminally metered out to us - every day, through media and social media channels, through our friends and families who've become instruments of the puppet masters, if we're to avert a crisis that could threaten even the survival of our species, we need to have a deep understanding of this science. How it works. How it's received by us without us barely knowing it. Unless we're eyes wide open to what's going on, we run the risk of being 'nudged' into actions not of our choosing.   

Knowledge is power

That's why we're holding a special event on Saturday 24th September 2022.

Becoming educated about what makes us tick and learning why headlines like those above elicit certain behaviours is the antidote to many of the control mechanisms being used against us. We're joining forces with behaviour and communication dynamics expert, David Charalambous, to bring you a unique, experiential day to allow you to walk free from the 'nudging' and manipulations used so extensively these past two years. It's a hybrid, in-person and livestream, event to allow as many of you as possible to benefit.

See you there. These are tools we all need.

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