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On Saturday 24th July 2021 citizens around the globe once again took to the streets in their increasing millions to protest against the ongoing removal of our rights, freedoms and liberties as the covid-facilitated crackdown continues. People in France, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, the UK, Slovakia, South Africa, Finland, Australia, Germany, the USA, Canada, Domincan Republic and many more came together as part of the third Worldwide Rally for Freedom. In London, our outreach & communications officer, Melissa Smith, represented the ANH team, along with some of our supporters.

Given that the real power lies with us, the people, we've collated footage from a selection of countries to illustrate the size, strength of conviction and passion of the 'awake', who are alive to the struggle we face to maintain our freedoms and create the change needed in our world. It gave us goosebumps, brought tears to our eyes and lifted our spirits. We hope it does the same for you and helps you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that together, we will prevail.

Music: I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly by Five Times August

Used with the kind permission of Bradley James Skistimas - Five Times August

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