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Education establishments, sports and entertainment venues are just a few institutions and companies that have determined that rights of entry will be limited according to vaccination status. This discrimination extends into families and friends, where those who are unvaccinated — seemingly without regard for reason — may find themselves disinvited to dinner parties.

In complete polar opposite is a new initiative launched in the UK called Open for All. Open for All is a charter for licensed premises and events that sign up to never forcing their patrons to show any documentation referring to health status in order to gain entry. The signatories do not believe it is right that they, as premises and promoters, should demand to see proof of medical records or health status. We agree and hope that this is a rolling stone that gathers much moss around the globe.

In the 4th week of our Right to kNOw campaign, we provide excerpts of interviews with citizens and patient champions who invite more compassion and shun stigmatization. Our video piece is presented by our own executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge, who has herself a history of autoimmune thyroid disease, which makes this campaign all the more poignant for her.

You can read more on the strong scientific and legal base to this campaign in our White Paper, published 13th May 2021. Now is the time for us to make a stand whilst these vaccines are still experimental. The powers-that-be are doing all they can to push the full vaccine licences through, but let's make sure that we do all that we can to ensure a win for the autoimmune as the evidence is so strong. It is our hope that this win will then pave the way for protecting many others.

How can you help? Visit our Right to kNOw campaign page and check out the section entitled, 'How you can support the campaign'! Send your emails to [email protected].


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Meleni's transcript

Hello, I’m Meleni Aldridge. I’m the executive coordinator of ANH International and a board member of ANH-USA. I’m also an integrative health professional with a past history of autoimmune disease so this Right to kNOw campaign is very personal for me.

It’s easy to take your Health for granted, until you don’t have it anymore. By the age of 17 my health had spiralled into an autoimmune thyroid disease called Grave’s Disease.

Lost health regained becomes extra special and immensely valuable -as many of you will agree who have experienced similar. Once immune dysregulation has tipped over the edge into an autoimmune response, you can certainly recover, but your immune system forever remains a hair’s breadth from red alert.

The most proven clinical protocols for autoimmune sufferers involve removing all potential triggers in an effort to lighten the load on the immune system by cleaning up the exposome (which is what we take into our bodies and are exposed to around us). Think of your exposome as the environmental equivalent of your genome, your genetic blueprint

The current jabs are still experimental, with very little data to go on regarding the health outcomes for those with an autoimmune profile, history or risk. Especially when you take into account that autoimmune responses can take time to flare and may not be felt for months or even years post jab.

Autoimmune disease is more prevalent in women. Many women are caring for others who are dependent on them remaining well, which adds another dimension to decision-making.

At ANH we feel as strongly about patient-centred, individualised care as we do about freedom of choice. One size can never fit all. We have initiated this Right to kNOw campaign because we feel that people’s choices about their health and care should be respected. Individuals with valid health concerns should not be stigmatized and treated as second-class citizens. Forced to face a raft of restrictions to the rights and freedoms that are available to those that choose to vaccinate. Especially as current vaccines do not stop infection or transmission, but merely lessen symptoms, and there is no evidence that the unvaccinated pose any risk to others.

These are charged and emotive times. Until we have the benefit of hindsight and more data, please let us walk through our days with empathy, compassion and respect. Everyone deserves the Right to kNOw, to choose and to not be discriminated against because of their vaccination status.

Thank you. Please share this video as widely as you can.


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