Meleni Aldridge joined The Seekardo Show to help prepare its listeners for optimum winter health.

In this episode she’s literally going to help you survive winter. Because with any seasonal change, people typically catch something and feel unwell or get sick. But this year (2021) is slightly different. In that, the media have been suggesting we’re going to get covid, the flu, the cold and maybe something else yet to be discovered – all at the same time. This level of induced fear in itself can cause stress and illness.

Meleni discuss what we can all do to best prepare our bodies and immune system, so that we not only stand a fighting chance, but we come out unscathed:

  • How do we deplete our immune system thus rendering it less effective
  • 7 different ways to support your immune system, not just for winter, but all year round.
  • What is immune flexibility and how to work it
  • What is immune resilience and how to nurture it
  • Why do we feel terrible when we catch a bug or virus
  • What role does stress play in causing a depleted immune system
  • How you can deep dive and learn about metabolic resilience and weight loss to transform your wellbeing

And a lot more in-between.

If you care about your health this is definitely the listen you need to make time for.