Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge At the time of recording this special episode of The Seekardo Show, the UK (and parts of the world) re-enter ‘lockdown’ for the second time. In addition to that, the winter months we closing in, which in its own right brings challenges, namely around mental & physical health. Just as relevant today as it was when this episode was recorded.

On this wide-ranging conversation Rob & Mel discuss:

  • The power of the collective consciousness to make change happen
  • Protecting your mental health during lockdown (and beyond)
  • How to create a resilient immune system
  • The three R’s to overhaul your nutrition and in turn create a resilient gut & immune response
  • Import supplements to include in your diet to encourage a healthy immune system
  • What daily health symptoms are not normal and should be addressed asap
  • Understanding Covid better overall
  • Important questions to ask yourself about Covid
  • Covid testing, masks and other common questions people have
  • Understanding personal risk assessment
  • What can you personally do going forward to manage risk on a personal level

We could have spoken about all corners of health and nutrition but wanted to focus on the current situation and how we could help listeners be empowered, instead of feeling paralysed.

Listen the podcast by clicking here.