Activating your DNA – a door to healing and higher consciousness

With the implosion and dissolution of the astral realms, it’s becoming more and more important to purify and cleanse our bodies and fields on a daily basis. To shine light at the shadows as our body is now a direct conduit between the higher realms and the Earth. The clearer it is, the more potent the energy of love and compassion it holds and is able to transmit. This meditation journey is all about activating your DNA blueprint, which not only holds the information template for your physical body, but also connects you to your entire lineage and soul matrix. We also connected deeply to our pineal gland and journeyed to the seat of our own personal healing potential, releasing negative programming, memories, emotions and frequencies that no longer serve us. Whilst any of the meditations can be repeated as often as you like, this one particularly lends itself to becoming part of your daily practice.

Note: The quantum field is not linear and exists outside of time and space, so it doesn’t matter that you’ve found this meditation now. The time will be perfect for you in your individual journey and you can repeat it as many times as you like.

About the ANH Intention Circle

The ANH Intention Circle is a subset of the Pathfinder Membership of the Alliance for Natural Health International. It was borne from the desire within the membership to meet regularly and use the power of the collective to make conscious change at this time when change is so acutely needed.

It was also formed as a support system to create a safe space for personal, as well as planetary, healing. Recent times have been gruelling in so many ways, with people in different countries facing far tougher times than others. But the quantum field of pure potential knows no restrictions, no mandates, no discrimination, no judgement, no division and no polarisation. It’s always just there, a safe space, offering the power of pure potential that we as creator beings can tap into and utilise.

We hold a Circle session once a month, but also support one another via the private Pathfinder community forum. We will continue to share the guided journey element of our session every month to support a wider community.

About the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl).

Find out more about becoming an ANH-Intl Pathfinder Member - the ANH Intention Circle exists within the Pathfinder Membership.

Meleni Aldridge has been immersed in the field of natural and integrative medicine for over 30 years. She is a practicing clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, functional medicine practitioner and certified Metabolic Balance coach. Meleni’s spiritual journey took flight in her early 20’s and has been the diamond core of her healing journey from surviving to thriving. Her deep and abiding passion to see humanity step into full reconnection with their core selves and Source, transcending limitation and raising consciousness, has been a lifelong guiding light.