Rob Verkerk PhD joined Dan Astin-Gregory on the Pandemic Podcast in April 2021.

We’re all too aware of the short-term impact the year of fear has had on us and our families — physically, emotionally, psychologically.

But could the harm go deeper and last way longer? Do lockdown and the panoply of medical and non-medical interventions to which we’ve been subjected have other implications for our long-term health and that of generations to come?

My guest is Rob Verkerk, Founder, Executive and Scientific Director of the Alliance for Natural Health International, a scientist who has for 30 years been exploring positive ways to span the gulfs between science and the law, between academia and industry, and between governments and their people.

Since SARS-Cov-2 first emerged more than a year ago, he has been investigating the wider implications of the pandemic, including the epigenetic stress which could also touch unborn generations, and whether the virus or vaccines (or both) could increase the prevalence and range of auto-immune diseases.