The ANH-Intl archive of newsletters, documents, infographics, other pdfs and press releases

  • ANHIC Bulletin Feb Mar 2006

    ANH Innovators Club Bulletin - Feb/March 2006

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  • Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations: Claims/Functions example

    Example Claims/Functions to inform NHCR applications.

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  • Guidance Notes for Compiling List of Health Claims under Article 13

    These explanatory notes have been developed to assist companies and other interested parties to compile a list with health claims, based on accepted scientific data/knowledge. (Can be used in conjunction with Claims Functions PDF)

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  • BfR Risk Assessment - Use of Minerals in Foods

    Report by BfR-Wissenschaft /Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on Use of Minerals in Food - toxicological and nutritional-physiological aspects

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  • Global Vitamin Guidelines One Step Closer

    Joint press release by the National Health Federation and the Alliance for Natural Health, following 27th Session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, Bonn, Germany, November 2005

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  • Council of the EU Common Position Statement - 15 November 2005

    Common Position adopted by the Council with a view to the adoption of a Regulation of the EU Parliament and of the Council on nutrition and health claims made on foods.

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  • WHO Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response, Aug 2005

    Responding to the avian influenza pandemic threat - Recommended strategic actions

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  • ANH release: ANH shines light on silver lining of European Court challenge

    This is the release the publicises some of the key findings of ANH's expert legal counsel, Paul Lasok QC, following the European Court of justice's ruling in its case on 12th July 2005.

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  • ECJ on food supplements: The ANH shines light on the silver lining

    Discussion of benefits from the case

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  • ANH release: Why the ANH legal challenge is a victory

    ANH release made on 15th July 2005, two days after the European Court of Justice's ruling on the ANH's legal challenge to the EU Food Supplements Directive.

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