The ANH-Intl archive of newsletters, documents, infographics, other pdfs and press releases

  • Kids: the new guinea pigs of Big Pharma

    ANH Feature article on how drugs are being increasingly targeted on children. As published on the ANH website in the News & Features section on 18th July 2008.

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  • Essay by Martin Walker: Uncomfortable Science and Enemies of the People (autism and MMR)

    In this essay, Martin Walker draws stark parallels between Henrik Ibsen's play 'An Enemy of the People' and the Dr Andrew Wakefield case concerning the link between autism and MMR

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  • Essay by Martin Walker: Conflicts of Integrity (re Dr Andrew Wakefield and the autism / MMR link)

    In this essay, Martin Walker take a look at the views of Dr Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet his defence of Sir Richard Doll and his part in the downfall of Dr Andrew Wakefield

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  • ANH and Irish delegation urge European Commission to rethink its policy on natural health

    Release issued on 1 July 2008, following a visit by the Irish Association of Health Stores, MEP Marian Harkin and the ANH to the Directorate General of Health and Consumer Protection in the European Commission

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  • About the Alliance for Natural Health: a one-page briefing

    One-page briefing note on the ANH, including some of its key achievements since inception in 2002

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  • ANH Briefing Paper on EU Food Supplements Directive

    ANH one-page Briefing Paper on the EU Food Supplements Directive (2002/46/EC), including ANH's key concerns about the Directive.

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  • Dr Alex Tournier's presentation at the Research in Homeopathy conference, London, 18th June 2008

    Dr Alex Tournier's presentation, entitled 'Overview of the Current State of Research in Homeopathy' given at the Research in Homeopathy conference, University of Westminster, London, 18th June 2008

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  • Presentation by Dr Robert Verkerk at Homeopathy in Research conference, London, 18 June 2008

    Presentation entitled "Deconstructing Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) as applied to homeopathy and CAM" given by Dr Robert Verkerk at the 'Research in Homeopathy' conference at the University of Westminster, London, on 18th June 2008. Conference convened by the Complementary Medical Association. The presentation focuses on the shifting focus of EBM, scientific problems with Randomised Controlled Trials as a research tool and some of the issues relating to the body of work associated with Professor Edzard Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine, University of Exeter.

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  • ANH Practitioners Summary: Novel Foods Regulations

    Download ANH summary for practitioners concerning threats posed by the EU's Novel Foods Regulations.

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  • ANH Practitioners Summary: Food Supplements Directive

    Download ANH summary for practitioners concerning threats posed by the EU's Food Supplements Directive.

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