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Week No 11 | 17/03/2023


Are you resilient enough to face what’s coming?

We — the 8 billion of us currently inhabiting Planet Earth — are the mass market. Ready to be played with, manipulated and exploited for the benefit of a few.

The rise of the corporatocracy means it’s ever harder to distinguish if it’s big corporates or big governments who are really pulling the strings. It actually doesn’t matter too much who’s pulling the strings. What does matter is that we recognise that strings are being pulled, and we know there’s something we can do about it!

At the heart of it, that ‘something’ means becoming as resilient as we can — like oak trees in a forest. This is the central thrust of our feature piece this week. Many have an idea of what resilience is, but few know just what is entailed to build resilience not only into ourselves as individuals, but also into our communities, especially ones that are currently viewed as outgroups by the governing authoritarians.

Novo Nordisk’s new jab is the latest unethical exploitation of the obese, and that’s the subject of our second piece.

We’re delighted to be able to republish an article by integrative physician and medical director of ANH-USA, Dr Ron Hoffman, on the flaky science and communication around the link between the semi-natural sweetener erythritol and heart disease.

Following on from our recent article and video explaining how scientific misinformation is being used to prop up corrupt science, we now offer you a shareable, one-page infographic to help you help more people to wake up to the real threats to science.

There’s lots of juicy news in our News Beat too!

I’m hoping to meet some of our stateside supporters at the #CrowdResilience event on April 1 in Austin, TX, where I’ll be joining Del Bigtree, Mikki Willis, Ryan Cole, Bob Malone, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, rapper Hi-Rez, and many others. 

We appreciate all your efforts in sharing our content – given the limitations on our ability to communicate as widely as we’d like, courtesy of the censors.

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Rob Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive & scientific director


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Are you up for taking Big Pharma's new 'skinny' jab?


After a succession of Big Pharma failures for anti-obesity drugs, will Novo Nordisk's latest offering, that emerges from something of a dark cloud, be just another side effect ladened sticking plaster, or a boon for users and a cash cow for its manufacturer?


Is the semi-natural sweetener erythritol as bad as aspartame?


ANH-USA's medical director, Ron Hoffman MD, examines a new study suggesting low-carb sweetener erythritol increases heart attack risk - all is not as the headlines profess!


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