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Week No 30 | 24/07/2020


Behind the masks...video

Here, as promised, on the first day of mandated wearing of face coverings in shops in England, is our new video giving you at least 12 reasons why you might want to think twice before donning your mask - and especially putting one on your child.

Fortunately for those with vulnerabilities, health conditions or disabilities there is the option of using a mask exemption. If you have a physical health condition that makes it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask – such as asthma or a lung disease – or a disability or mental health issue that means you find wearing a mask distressing, the Government says you are exempt from the rules. The official exemption for England can be found here and various charities have produced unofficial ones. Elsewhere in the UK, Scotland has already made face coverings mandatory on public transport and shops, with Wales and Northern Ireland having limited compulsory face coverings, so far just to public transport - but that might change soon.

At ANH, we have followed the course of 'good science' and 'good law' for 18 years - and we offer our considered take, and that of a number of experts we show in our video, that compulsory use of face coverings in community settings is simply not based on scientific evidence. It's a political move - and not a good one at that.

If the position we take in our video resonates with you, we ask that you share it as widely as you can. Thank you.




Rob Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive & scientific director


Behind the masks...


12 (+1) reasons to NOT mandate masks!


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