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Week No 2 | 13/01/2023


EMFs that sap, separate or strengthen us

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2023! Here at ANH, we offer you our heartfelt best wishes for a joyous and purposeful year.

Most will remember 2018, the boom year for CBD. As the boom hit, we did what we’ve done many times before. We rolled our sleeves up, got stuck in, evaluating the science and defending the right to sell products containing these fascinating cannabinoids that pharma-fancying regulators seemed increasingly keen to deny us.

Last year, we started witnessing another boom that we think will really become evident to many this year.

This time it’s frequency medicine delivered by technological devices, not hands-on healing. Such technology is neither widely known nor are the mechanisms well understood, especially outside the German-speaking countries.

We’ve had lots of enquiries about this growing trend, some of our members and supporters asking how they might find out what works and what doesn’t, and whether any of these technologies are unsafe? We’ve found some devices being marketed very aggressively, including to people who’re very vulnerable, such as those who’ve been vaccine injured or are suffering from cancer.

The subject is so huge we’ve decided to take two bites at the cherry: offering you a meaty 6,000-word Part 1 this week, covering the intimate relationship between frequencies, biological life and our own bodies. Part 2 will follow in 2 weeks’ time and will focus on the technology, and how to approach it and use it sensibly and responsibly.

Meleni also gives you, this week, her insights on some new apps that contribute to what we think is a disturbing trend; one that separates us even further from our intrinsic connection to each other, as well as to the planet on which generations before us evolved, all senses wide open to the natural world around them, intuition intact.

We’ve also got our weekly news – most of it that you won’t find on any of the mainstream channels such is the apparent quadruple M: money-motivated media myopia.

Happy reading, happy sharing, thank you for your support — and let me take this opportunity to again wish you the very best for 2023,


In health, naturally


Rob Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive & scientific director


FEATURE: Frequencies (Part 1) – unearthing the mysteries of life


The first in a two-part series on frequencies by ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD. Part 1 explains the intimate relationship between electromagnetism and life, Part 2 (to be published in 2 weeks) will address the benefits and potential risks of frequency based technologies.


The illusion of separation — by app


Why we need to be both aware and cautious over apps that separate us further from our natural origins


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