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  • Natural News Roundup (week 31/2022)

    03 August 2022

    Junk foods increase dementia risk; Are EMFs causing birds to die?; PFAS exposure driving chronic disease; The better your biological age, the longer you'll live;

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  • Weekly news update (week 39, 2021)

    29 September 2021

    Insulin resistance & depression; Flavonoids and gut health; Synbiotics reduce stress reactions; Pharmaceuticals damage the microbiome; The dangers of EMFs; FDA’s approvals process criticised; Kratom witchunt; UK to allow gene editing

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 17/2022)

    27 April 2022

    Biodiversity loss impacting insect populations; Do humans possess nutritional wisdom?; Brisk walking improves biological age; Could EMFs contribute to Alzheimer’s development?; FDA to allow NAC supplements; Your gut bugs choose your food; Cancer isn’t just genetic

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  • ANH News Beat (week 9/2023)

    02 March 2023

    Our weekly roundup of the latest natural and covid news in one place. Read the headlines or click on the links to find out more

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  • Natural News Roundup & Covid Corner (week 16/2022)

    21 April 2022

    'Good' cholesterol protects against Alzheimer's; E-cigarettes not as healthy as touted; Verizon told shut down cellphone tower; Covid Corner

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 05/2022)

    02 February 2022

    Magnesium essential for immune system function; BPA can cross the placenta; CBD, novel foods & toxicology; Wearable tech and cancer; EU bans antibiotic use in livestock; Increased resilience improves health; Supplements reduce autoimmune disease risk; Cell phones damage male fertility; Diet and cancer

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 42/2022)

    19 October 2022

    US government project blocks sunlight; Exposing GMO lobbying in EU; Health harms of wireless headphones; Scientific challenge to EMF limits

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  • ANH News Beat (week 10/2024)

    08 March 2024

    Our weekly roundup of the latest natural and covid news from across the globe in one place. This week a tribute to veteran health freedom campaigner, Norma Erickson; Toxic chemical loads in humans; Indian government looks to regulate supplement under drug laws; Ultra-processed foods linked to chronic ill-health; Ashwagandha warnings plus updates from the ANH-USA team and Covid news

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  • Can ancient tensor tech make modern day EMFs safe?

    11 August 2021

    Join Meleni Aldridge and Denver Vermeulen for a fascinating discussion on this new, but old, sacred consciousness technology that may just be the EMF antidote we’ve been waiting for

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  • News Alerts: Week 30, 2018

    26 July 2018

    Cannabis to be legalised in UK; No vaccine safety monitoring in US; Investigating ‘fake science’; CRISPR is a GMO; HPV jab for UK boys; Sri Lanka lifts glyphosate ban; EMFs and adolescent brains

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