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  • News Alerts: Week 36, 2018

    05 September 2018

    Environmental campaigner dies; Big Pharma - African exploitation; Cheese and red meat back on the menu; UK energy drink ban; Malaysian sugar tax; UK 5G testing;

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  • UK supermarkets prosecuted for healthy-eating claims

    22 May 2004

    Prosecutions follow supermarket attempts to support government policy and promote the importance of increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables. Read on for ANH comment.

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  • UK set to ban superfoods using EU novel food laws intended for GM crops

    10 October 2007

    The EU Novel Foods Regulations (1997), initially brought into force as a protection against GM foods entering the market without sufficient safety testing, is now being used as the tool with which superfoods from indigenous cultures are being discriminated against within the EU. Today's story in The Times (UK) tells how Goji berries, a completely natural nutrient dense superberry eaten for centuries in China and other parts of Asia, is due to be removed from the shelves on 23rd March 2007, if proof of sale in any EU Member State before 1997 cannot be shown.

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  • Taking responsibility for our own health

    06 July 2016

    ANH-Intl final survey data show empowered self-care is the way forward for healthcare

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