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  • News Alerts: Week 32, 2019

    07 August 2019

    Focus on cancer prevention not cure; EFSA pesticide ban; Agroecology to beat superweeds; CVD mortality increase; French smart-meters removed

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  • News Alerts: Week 47, 2018

    22 November 2018

    New palm oil sustainability standards; Increasing demand for natural; Pukka Herbs going zero carbon; Omega-3 benefits in pregnancy; GM tech under pressure; UK smart meter programme stalls

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  • News Alerts: Week 31, 2018

    01 August 2018

    NHS and Brexit; Hide and seek with nuclear waste; Supplements under attack in US; Australia ‘no jab, no pay’ pain; Smart meters to hit UK wallets; Brazilians poisoned by pesticides; Food additives and children’s health

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  • News Alerts: Week 10, 2018

    07 March 2018

    EU set to approve Bayer Monsanto merger, The most deadly of medicine?, Australia set to eradicate cervical cancer?, March of the smart meter continues and Sri Lankan sugar tax hits Big Food’s pocket

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  • Smart meters: the choice is yours... at a price

    12 April 2017

    Pressure mounts on consumers with Europe’s smart meter roll out

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  • 2016 ANH-Intl wrap-up

    21 December 2016

    Why the stakes have never been higher – and why the grassroots hold the cards for freedom of health choice

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  • Guest Feature: Electrosmog — damaging our health by stealth

    30 November 2016

    We can’t live without Wi-Fi, but are we paying too high a price for 24/7 connectivity?

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  • News Alerts: Week 25, 2016

    22 June 2016

    Hazardous pesticide ingredients can be kept under wraps, Smart meters recognised as a “false solution”, Could gut bacteria reverse autism?, High cholesterol does not contribute to heart disease, Monsanto to pay millions in lawsuit, Brazil says no to GM

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  • News Alerts: Week 21, 2016

    25 May 2016

    Yes to Life's new cancer care guide, high fat/low carb diet evidence ignored, Glyphosate decision postponed, Ghanaian women defend seeds, Turkish mandatory vaccination illegal, Malaria drug concerns, UK fracking approval, Romanian smart meter rollout.

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  • News Alerts: Week 3, 2016

    20 January 2016

    Coca-Cola funded study, multinationals fail re obesity, Bayer and bees, smart meter failure, fluoride fortification for milk and Taiwan bans GMOs in schools

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