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  • News Alerts: Week 24, 2016

    15 June 2016

    EU legislator gloats, Green light for GMO apples, Merck caught lying, Woodland activities for mental health, Zambia burns GMO food, Greening of a London council.

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  • News Alerts: Week 21, 2018

    23 May 2018

    When is meat not ‘meat’; The science against glyphosate mounts

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  • News Alerts: Week 17, 2018

    25 April 2018

    Singapore sets the bar higher with new organic standard; Germany set to ban glyphosate use

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  • Seeds: Save, Sow, Sue

    30 August 2017

    Why farmers can no longer save and share seeds. The battle for control of our food chain

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  • News Alerts: Week 18, 2019

    01 May 2019

    Glyphosate harms next generations; Yeast resistance death risk; Rise in statins for low risk patients; Millennial health decline; Urgent calls for radiation review; WHO digital guidelines for kids; Food preservative linked to obesity

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  • News Alerts: Week 31, 2019

    31 July 2019

    GcMAF witch hunt continues; Biotech bullies strongarm EU; Brazil’s pesticide regulations; CBD markets under attack; You really are what you eat!; NHS to offer DNA testing; 5G harms reported in Geneva

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  • News Alerts: Week 06, 2021

    10 February 2021

    UK govt NHS power grab; SARS-CoV-2 origins; Putting the Covid Vaccine On Trial; Council of Europe rules no mandated covid vaccines; Censors, censorship, censored! Pandemic – murder most foul; No deaths from supplements; The battle for vitamin D continues; Glyphosate damages microbiome; Forest bathing benefits

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