Nature’s own thyroid fix – Turn your thyroid into a world-class conductor of your hormonal and metabolic orchestra

The thyroid gland and its hormones are an essential part of our genetic blueprint... in fact, you could say that they’re responsible for making us Homo sapiens. Yet thyroid imbalance is becoming commonplace today and too many are needlessly suffering. Whether you’re tired and low in energy or moving down an autoimmune pathway, you can do so much more for your thyroid health with nutrition and lifestyle than you know. Meleni is not only an experienced practitioner of some 30 years, she has also triumphed over her own autoimmune thyroid journey. Come and hear Meleni outline simple and practical techniques to help you work with your genetic blueprint, not against it. In the process, not only can you regain your vitality and zest for life, but you can also reinstate your thyroid to its rightful place as the conductor of your orchestra.
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