The Alliance for Natural Health International’s bespoke CPD event in October 2017 was so packed full of practical, accessible information and clinical pearls that we had to make it available to those of you who missed the day. The conference demonstrated why genomic and functional testing is the bedrock of personalised, individualised and targeted protocols and is as relevant now as it was then.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t join us on the day. You can now access the day’s presentations, have a bird’s eye view of the workshop and dive deeper into the detail with all of the post conference webinars from the comfort of your own home.

The Learning

  1. Increased confidence in assessing the status of the 6 underlying determinants of chronic disease
  2. Evidence-based interventions for individualising and optimising the above
  3. Making the most of functional testing — the bedrock of individualised practice — from selection to interpretation to protocol
  4. Relate and apply theory to practice in a practical setting using ‘live’ case studies with experts who have decades of clinical experience between them
  5. Supplements: simple criteria to make better choices

Your package includes:

  • Complete video footage from the ANH-Intl Practitioner Toolkit Conference, including the workshop
  • 380-page workbook as PDF - includes full case studies on 2 clients, their test results, expert interpretations of the results and the presentations
  • 5 x 1-hour post-conference webinars diving deeper with the experts into the profiled tests. Includes two webinars with Meleni Aldridge and Rob Verkerk as they review the client protocols with an explanation of the nutritional protocols that centre on keto-adaptation for metabolic flexibility. The webinar ends with some further comment from Dr Verkerk on making more-informed supplement choices. Ben Brown reviews the prescriptions of our two case studies exploring how we determine appropriate food supplements, therapeutic doses, treatment duration, and potential contraindications
  • Full client protocols, created post conference and supplement recommendations
  • Further supporting resources

Meet the experts

NNA accreditation 10 hours CPD at time of Conference