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RESET EATING enables you to turn your food into powerful medicine to reset your health and resilience. In it you’ll find information and practical tools, including how food provides specific information for the body. You’ll also find a bunch of recipes for serious health creation. They bring the ANH Intl’s ground-breaking Food4Health approach to life, catering for omnivores, flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians, as well as children.

Readers can choose to deep dive into the science behind metabolic, multi-system flexibility and resilience. You’ll also find out how food can provide information or disinformation for the body, how to crunch the numbers to help you ‘get keto-adapted’. Or you might just want to skip to the 12-step programme, nutrient and food sections for a more practical, just-do-it approach.

On your journey through this information-packed book, you’ll get to grips with microbes, why your gut is immune-central and why you need to avoid the two common allergens that can otherwise derail your best health efforts. Children’s health and re-thinking what kids are eating is crucial for parents who are looking for one book that can help you feed the whole family.

Time challenged readers can jump straight to the recipes and just let food be their medicine! RESET EATING invites the reader on a health creation odyssey with food, our first medicine, as the foundation of life.

Foreword by John Vincent MBE, co-founder of LEON Restaurants.

What others say about RESET EATING

The current pandemic is a call-to-action for a self-care reset. Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge from the Alliance for Natural Health International deliver a timely, thoroughly science-based review of the practical strategies we can employ to reclaim our resilience.

Ronald Hoffman, MD, CNS
Host of the Intelligent Medicine podcast

Food in our day-to-day life is often not given much thought, it’s something we reach for when hungry. But there is great power in food. The old view is that food supplies energy and 39 essential nutrients. The new view is that food is a source of over 10,000 substances that profoundly influence health within hours of a single meal. Food and nutritional medicine have the power to transform your health and are safe, affordable, and accessible. Food satiates us, but also connects us, inspires us, and quite literally transforms us. This guide will empower and inspire you.

Benjamin I. Brown, ND. 
Director, The Nutritional Medicine Institute
Contributing Editor, Integrative Health and Applied Nutrition
Advisory Board and Lecturer, BCNH College of Nutrition and Health

Today our food policies and governmental nutrition recommendations are influenced by agricultural conglomerates and their lobbyists. It is no mistake that highly processed junk food and over consumption of sugar are not censored by these supposed experts resulting in out-of-control chronic disease. Yet clear and relevant nutrition guidelines are at our fingertips provided by the Alliance for Natural Health International. The RESET EATING book from ANH-International provides scientifically rigorous recommendations, guidelines for food choices, and tools for meal preparation all within interactive links. Healthful living through sound choices of good food, the foundation of life, is yours by choosing Reset Eating!

Jeanne A Drisko, MD, CNS, FACN
Professor emeritus
University of Kansas Medical Center


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