The low carb evolutionary eating plan to prevent diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s

Is low carb high fat or LCHF a new fad? Some think so - but an ever-growing number don’t. One of them is Rob Verkerk PhD - a leading expert on the subject. Modern diets have changed so much and we've become overly dependent on ultra-processed carbohydrates - whether wholegrain or in highly refined forms. The systems that control appetite regulation as well as energy use and storage have got messed up, making a mockery of government edicts to count and cut down calories. Reducing your carbs benefits most people, but only when you consume the right forms of carbs, the right fats, ample fibre and sufficient micronutrients - in the right amounts, at the right times! Rob Verkerk offers you all the hacks you'll need to experience LCHF at its best. You'll gain a new level of metabolic flexibility and resilience by tapping into your evolutionary heritage.

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