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At ANH we've long recognised the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet. It's key to improving the quality of your life, especially when coupled with regular physical activity and due attention to your emotional health.

It seems so simple, yet government guidelines and public health messages are still falling so far short of the mark when it comes to properly supporting health and wellness. We like to talk in terms of health creation, rather than disease management. And food is the foundation to it all because food is not merely fuel, it’s information too.

We felt so strongly about the fact that government guidelines and public health campaigns were simply not delivering, we were compelled to produce our own guideline ‘plate’ that represents food group composition over a typical day. It’s a ‘plate’ that’s rooted not only in extensive nutritional science, clinical and citizen experience, but more than that, it’s anti-inflammatory, keto-adapted and will help you develop - or maintain - metabolic flexibility. Metabolic flexibility creates resilience, crucial for resisting disease and creating health. Our ancestral norm if you will.

We called it the Food4Health Guidelines and this eBook brings together our combined knowledge into one place so you too can become a Health Creator.



Please be aware that we are a non-profit organisation and rely wholly on donations and income from our webshop. We would respectfully ask you not to share our eBook once downloaded, but rather pass on the link so your family and friends can purchase their own copy and support our work too. Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in purchasing multiple copies or having a group access, please email us at [email protected].