“Membership of the ANH gives my team access to the latest and smartest intelligence and deepest experience in the specialist regulatory area of food supplements, both in the UK and internationally. Importantly, our membership also allows us the opportunity to influence global thinking on how lifestyle medicine, including the use of food supplements, can positively help make the world a healthier place.”
Cheryl ThallonFounder and Managing Director, Viridian Nutrition

Our unique position of being a neutral but credible organisation that is bedded between the natural products sector, academia and government has allowed us to provide multiple benefits to our members.

ANH-Intl achievements for the natural product sector include:

  • Legally challenged the EU Food Supplements Directive (2003-5), championing natural sources of vitamins and minerals.
  • Demonstrated via peer-reviewed publications the critically flawed nature of EU methods of risk assessment for food/dietary supplements.
  • Co-developed a new and viable model for safety/benefit assessment of food/dietary supplements.
  • Pioneered a sustainable healthcare approach based on citizen empowerment, health status monitoring, dietary and lifestyle modification and natural health usage.
  • Rebutting biased, peer reviewed journal articles that incorrectly condemn natural health approaches.
  • Contributed to a wide range of international, EU and national consultations on regulatory issues pertaining to natural health.

Continued campaigning and advocacy is necessary to safeguard the operations of all parties involved in the natural healthcare sector, including you!

ANH is a not-for-profit organisation that exists for your benefit. All our tireless efforts in campaigns, research, education and advocacy are funded entirely by donations from individuals, companies and associations that recognise the vital contribution ANH makes to protecting the right to practice and engage in natural health across the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Being part of the Vanguard Club means that you too, are contributing in a positive way to safeguarding the natural health industry and ensuring its voice is heard by governments, our elected representatives and by business, both big and small.

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Membership of the Vanguard Club gives you access to key influencers across the industry as well as ensuring that regulatory challenges you face can be both heard and fought against.

“It’s a very exciting time for the natural products sector. The science increasingly shows how it’s ripe for the sector to assume its proper role as a big hitter in the healthcare system. Through the Vanguard Club, ANH International has never been in a stronger position to facilitate this process.”
Robert Verkerk PhDFounder, executive & Scientific Director, ANH International

As a Vanguard Club member, you’ll get:

  • Access to any ANH International conferences, plus online meetings/webinars where we examine key challenges and potential solutions currently facing the sector. You will have a 'front row seat' allowing you to engage in lively debates and discussion and an opportunity to participate in smaller seminars to ensure your specific concerns are addressed effectively. Your engagement with the Vanguard Club will help you further develop your company as an innovator and leader in the sector
  • Receive early warning alerts on both political and scientific information affecting the sector, ensuring you’re up-to-date and informed
  • Discover key regulatory work-arounds in the continuously shifting legislative environment to make sure you are able to maintain or grow market share and communicate effectively with your customers. Dedicated Bulletin Board for Vanguard Club members on the ANH website regarding EU or UK legislative changes to keep your company/organisation on the front foot

  • Promote your company events to our growing network of healthcare professionals and practitioners
  • Free advice, limited depending on membership level, from ANH International experts in relation to unique regulatory, scientific or marketing challenges you are currently facing

  • Gain a 10% discount on ANH Consultancy services* if you need further support and advocacy to progress your business endeavours.
  • A detailed report on how membership fees† collected via the Vanguard Club are spent – ensuring accountability and effectiveness to you, our members.

*ANH Consultancy Ltd is an independent, UK-based specialist consulting firm offering bespoke support to companies operating especially in the UK or Europe in a wide range of fields including new product development, trials, regulatory compliance and marketing support.

†Your corporate membership fee is tax-deductible as a business expense.

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VANGUARD CLUB tiered benefits structure

Dedicated Vanguard Club bulletin board
Access to conferences, meetings and webinars
Early warning alerts
Free advice, limited by membership level, from ANH-Intl experts
Promotion of your company/products across our network
10% discount on ANH Consultancy fees
Bespoke collaborations
£500 pa / £50 month
£2,000 pa / £200 month
Professional Member
£10,000 pa / £1000 month
Corporate Member
£15,000 pa / £1500 month
Sustainability Partner