The exercise was developed originally by Zach Bush MD and called the Nitric Oxide Dump. That’s because like all forms of HIIT it triggers nitric oxide release in your arteries and other blood vessels.

We’ve been using it for three years now – and we’ve demonstrated it in presentations all over the world. To get the best of HIIT you need to do each exercise at maximum, or near-maximum effort, and then have a short break of 10-30 seconds before repeating.

Three cycles of the exercise will take you around 3 minutes. You can do this three times a day – especially good if you’re planning long bouts of time at a desk, in meetings, or behind a computer.

If you’re struggling to get outdoors enough (no thanks to storm Brendan, for many of us) and the northern winter’s negatively impacted your ability to get active, this may be what you’ve been looking for.

No need for gym clothes, no need for equipment, no cost to pay – and you can do it anywhere (it even makes people smile when you do it in public spaces!)

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