There was agreement within the group that such change would not occur by top down negotiation and pressure alone. A powerful and well-coordinated grassroots movement would be needed to ensure that citizens benefit from the constitutional and legislative changes. The group also called for urgent action to reverse the incremental loss of health care choices and diminished scope in self-care or practitioner-guided non-standard care that have been linked, at least in part, to the UK’s membership of the EU.

The meeting, called by its chair, David Tredinnick MP for Bosworth, brought together a diverse range of interests, from patients and heads of associations, to clinicians and business owners.

The main speaker, setting the scene for the debate, was sustainability scientist and natural health campaigner, Robert Verkerk PhD, executive director of the Alliance for Natural Health International.

Commenting after the meeting, Dr Verkerk said: “In the wake of the ongoing global shake up to the political establishment and with Brexit negotiations soon to start in earnest, it was heartening to get unanimous agreement that the present circumstances provide an unparalleled opportunity to give the British public what they’ve been demanding for years. And that’s the freedom to make health choices that include those that have been almost regulated out of existence by the EU – or pushed to the margins by the medical establishment and the NHS in the UK.”

During the lively parliamentary group debate, David Tredinnick argued passionately for urgent action and undertook to convene a meeting of experts with Brexit Secretary, David Davis, to discuss the options.

NHS interim consultant, patient and cancer survivor, Charmaine Comrie of Charmaine Comrie Consulting Ltd, commented, "Patient's deserve to be given all the treatment options available so they can make an informed choice and ultimately be empowered over their healthcare”.

In his role as Chairman of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR) and Vicepresident of the Committee for International Communication of Chinese Medicine at the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Don Mei spoke of the potential that could be unlocked by re-building a bridge between China and the UK should the limitations of EU laws

be lifted.

Desiree Shelley, President of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), echoed widely voiced sentiments for unity among the many factions working outside the NHS, saying, “We need to come together to have a much stronger voice.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, the all party parliamentary group agreed to form a working group, develop a position paper, and begin to coordinate its ambitious plans with its wide network of interests.


Editors’ Notes

Photos from the meeting can be provided on request.

Please contact the ANH Team, [email protected] or tel 01306 646 600.


About the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Integrated Healthcare

Purpose: To facilitate among politicians the exchange of information on integrated healthcare;

to stimulate well-informed debate; and to contribute towards the development of knowledge

and policies on the subject.

Chair: David Tredinnick (Con)

Vice-Chair: Valerie Vaz (Lab)

Secretary: Oliver Colvile (Con)

President: Lord Colwyn (Con)

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