Citizens - you - the people - the grassroots - are the lifeblood and raison d'être of everything we do at ANH.

We work tirelessly, doing our best to ensure that those who choose to manage their health through natural means are able to do so. We challenge excessive and disproportionate regulation by regulators that would otherwise limit our freedoms.

We help you make sense of the maze of often conflicting information around natural health. To make a difference, it's essential that your voice is heard by those in power. We have to work together to resist the persistent challenges both to our freedom of choice and our freedom of expression enacted by corporate and government forces. If we have a democratic system, let's use it for all its worth!

The more personalised your approach to your elected representative can be (e.g., a face to face meeting, handwritten letter), the more you will be heard. Your efforts in this regard are so important and valued.

Your ability to share information on this website, as well as your stories and experiences, are crucial in helping others to understand more about natural health.

As a non-profit, our work is entirely dependent on your support, and for that we're incredibly grateful. We're in this together - working cooperatively and collaboratively with you - to help more and more people experience the incredible benefits of natural health.