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  • The 39th annual report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows, yet again, there were zero deaths from vitamins or mineral supplements in the US during 2021
  • Supplementing the bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila, particularly beneficial as part of our body's housekeeping, can offset damage caused by emulsifiers found in many processed foods. A new mouse study found A. municiphila can help support intestinal and metabolic health and reduce the risk of developing a range of chronic diseases. The researchers have not considered ways in which to mitigate the consumption of foods containing emulsifiers to prevent the damage in the first place though. For more information on changing what and how you eat to improve your gut health and support the work of your A. municiphila naturally check out RESET EATING.

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  • People who regularly spend time in nature are less likely to need drugs for anxiety, depression, high blood pressure or asthma
  • New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommend obese children be given weight loss drugs, which come with a range of unpleasant adverse effects and generally result in weight gain once they're discontinued. The AAP is also recommending bariatric surgery without addressing what has caused an individual to become obese in the first place. Such an approach leaves the door wide open to a lifetime of chronic health issues as drug treatments for weight loss only, at best, provide a short-term fix rather than dealing with the underlying causes of obesity
  • Study pushing HRT for perimenopausal women with genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s neglects to include diet and lifestyle factors in cognition decline
  • The New Zealand government is attempting to bring in a new bill that could severely impact New Zealand citizens' access to natural health products. The Therapeutic Products Bill is described as "Legislation to modernise the way medicines, medical devices and natural health products are regulated..." and will control how products that appear to benefit health are manufactured, prescribed, imported, advertised, supplied, and exported. The Bill will give authorities the ability to control what consumers can use to support their health naturally. If you're in New Zealand there is time to protect your access to natural health products by making a submission to the government consultation. Click here for the consultation. Click here for more information about the Bill and how it will impact all those who use natural health products in New Zealand
  • UK’s NHS to pilot use of genetic testing to guide drug prescribing for statins, antidepressants and PPIs
  • Canadian biotech company engineers fruit flies to produce growth factors used in the production of lab-grown ‘meat’
  • The detrimental effects of agricultural chemicals on the environment are well documented yet their use continues unabated. A new paper in Nature looks at the use of complementary peptides as a safe and non-toxic alternative to toxic agrochemicals. The authors of the paper show that using peptides can improve plant growth and resistance to heat and pathogen stress without the need for genetic manipulation
  • Beyond GM/A Bigger Conversation and GM Watch have joined forces to publish an Open Letter to the UK House of Lords. The collaborative letter addresses the inadequacy of the response to questions put to the Defra Minister, Lord Benyon as the UK government seeks to push through the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, which will deregulate GMO technologies in the UK
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it's unable to make any decisions in regard to the regulation of the CBD market in the US. It's therefore handing the matter over to Congress to create a new regulatory pathway. The FDA has also denied three citizen petitions requesting the FDA rule on the use of CBD in food supplements. This doesn't mean CBD products will be removed from sale but the agency's statement makes it clear it doesn't believe CBD should be available in food supplements. The FDA's move could affect consumer's access to CBD in future. The team at ANH-USA has more on the statement and how US citizens can take action against a decision that could affect not only access to CBD but other food supplements
  • Massive investment is being made by the UK government into a project called 'Raising the Pulse', which is developing flour made from fava (broad) beans, to be added to a range of processed foods in order to improve the nutritional quality of the foods. The researchers don't appear to have taken account of the lectin component of fava beans, which could cause gut upset in sensitive individuals, not to mention the plethora of additives used in processed foods
  • Researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst are exploring the use of humans as antennas to power 6G wireless technology in future. The researchers propose harvesting radio frequency (RF) power energy from Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology via a bracelet that's then fed into the devices that need to be charged
  • EFSA report overlooks unintended off target changes caused by ‘new GM techniques' implying that in most cases they’re not relevant either to the health of the organisms being edited or the animals/humans that might be eating them
  • Long-term deep meditation may improve the health of gut microbes known to promote positive mental health
  • Exercise not only improves muscle health, it also makes it more youthful. Researchers publishing in the Journal of Physiology compared the muscle health of elderly mice that were allowed to exercise on a weighted wheel against mice that had been genetically modified to make specific cells revert to stem cells, effectively reversing the ageing process. The researchers found that the muscles of the mice that exercised showed similar anti-ageing effects to the genetically altered mice. The moral of the story - it's never too late to begin exercising regularly and turn back the clock, because Nature has you covered!
  • The latest edition of the Caduceus magazine is now available. Issue 108 covers a range of topics including the use of climate change to conceal geoengineering, how the heart works and why it gets sick, why 'fresh air' is one of the most potent ways to combat infectious disease and much more...

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