A huge welcome to 2022! 

For some, emerging from the state of emergency we were thrown into back in March 2020 might appear to be something of a 'Catch 22'. And who wants a Catch 22 in the year 2022? Not us!

We figured a much better option was to make this year an even bigger mission than the ones preceding it - one we're calling Mission '22.

Find out what Mission 22's about in our short video below - and we'll be honoured if you'd join us on the journey to seek out the greater good that lies in humanity and our remarkable planet, both of which find themselves in a perilous state thanks to the greed and power plays of a few.

Together - armed with bald intent and purpose so much bigger than any of the individuals that have been attempting to usurp our sovereignty and fundamental rights, we can can get the job done this year. Let's make it happen!  


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