Following on from Rob Verkerk PhD's recent long-read article, explaining how the scientific establishment is going all out to promote its version of science, and classify any science that challenges it as 'scientific misinformation', we've created an infographic to illustrate what's really going on.

While the scientific establishment's attack on scientific misinformation is presented as a necessity to protect 'science', it's actually the dead opposite.

It's a Trojan horse set to destroy the scientific method, the very method that has evolved over thousands of years of human scientific endeavour, that helps us uncover evidence that approximates to some kind of truth, even if we might agree that truth can never be absolute. 

At the heart of the Trojan horse is the 5-headed Hydra that represents Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Tech, Big Media and Big Social, that's also intertwined with Big Government. They are all working on a calculated plan for globalised and centralised control of almost every facet of human life, in the name of science and progress. Roped into this are some of the most highly esteemed academics and academic institutions. The system is rotten to the core and needs to be exposed. But first as many people as possible need to understand what's going on.

Our infographic offers you a top-line view of how it works. Please share the downloadable and high res printable versions as widely as you can. In the name of humanity and good science. 

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