Every freedom we have enjoyed during our lives has been earned or fought for. Sometimes through war and bloodshed, sometimes through grassroots pressure against oppressors.

At ANH, we are proud to have been involved with other organisations and individuals from around the world to draw attention to the grave risks we might face in a future pandemic if the World Health Organization (WHO), and its 'member states' (formerly known as countries or blocs), had been left to their own devices in developing globally-coordinated pandemic plans.

We joined leaders from many of these organisations, from around the world, in Geneva last weekend (31 May - 1 June) to continue to make a difference. This extraordinary coming together under the banner of the The Geneva Project, on the doorstep of the United Nations' Office at Geneva, linked to a number of initiatives including an invitation-only Global Leadership Summit (31 May), spearheaded by the Inspired Network and MC'd by our good friend and freedom broadcaster Robert Scott Bell, and the #WeAreTheChange Rally and The People's Convoy (1 June) organised by the tour de force that are Dan Astin-Gregory and Maria Hubmer-Mogg.

Fifty one of us addressed the gathered crowd of well over 1000 citizens at the Place de Nations in Geneva on 1 June, and you'll find Rob and Mel's short speeches below (in video and transcript form). As Rob said; we cannot afford to be silent or our freedom will be stolen from us or given away by those with agendas that are not in the public interest. As Meleni said; we should not wait for the globalists to provide a solution: the answers lie within us; in our own creativity, hearts and minds.

Watch Rob and Meleni's speeches

>>> You will find the transcripts to these speeches at the base of this article.

>>> Watch the full recording of the rally in Geneva on 1st June 2024

What happened at the World Health Assembly meeting?

While the summit, rally and march were ongoing, the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting was ongoing just a stone's throw away. There’s good news and bad news. The good news: no consensus was reached on the Pandemic Treaty, so nothing was approved. Negotiators will have another year to produce a 'treaty’. There is no doubt that public backlash over the treaty from dissenters to the process, ANH included, changed the course of events and helped spur political opposition to the treaty and the IHR amendments. The UK government pledged not to support the 'treaty' because it disrespected national sovereignty, and in the US, almost half the US Senate and 22 State Attorneys General sent letters to President Biden opposing the WHO’s efforts. We want to thank ANH supporters on both sides of the pond for your dedicated activism on this issue!

Now for the not so good news. Unfortunately, a package of amendments to the IHR was approved by the WHA, something we knew was inevitable as only a two-thirds majority of member states’ votes was needed. While it’s not as bad as it could have been, there are still significant problems within the amendments to the IHR that made their way through. These changes come into effect in 12 months; while countries have 10 months to reject them. There is no requirement that the US Congress hold a vote on whether to accept the amendments, so we must continue to bring the pressure necessary to force members of Congress to proactively oppose this global power-grab.

The amendments approved at the WHA are much the same as those contained in the draft we discussed a few weeks ago. Here are some of the important points:

  • Article 1 gives a vague definition of “pandemic emergency” as a “public health emergency of international concern caused by a communicable disease and: (i) has, or is at high risk of having, wide geographical spread to and within multiple States; and (ii) is exceeding, or is at high risk of exceeding, the capacity of health systems to respond in those States; and (iii) is causing, or is at high risk of causing, substantial social and/or economic disruption, including disruption to international traffic and trade…” (emphasis added). Risk is a broad and relative term, so this gives the Director-General of the WHO a lot of leeway in determining what counts as a “pandemic emergency.”
  • Another key term defined in the amendments is “relevant health products” which includes the drugs, vaccines, tests, medical devices, and cell and gene-based therapies that Big Pharma will produce to combat the next communicable disease. A central part of the IHR amendments is about speeding the production of these products and getting them distributed as far and wide as possible.
  • Article 13, section 9 obligates states to support the WHO in its activities and to work with domestic stakeholders to “facilitate equitable access to relevant health products” while also “making available…relevant terms of their research and development agreements for relevant health products related to promoting equitable access to such products…”
  • The amendments setting up what looks very much like a vaccine-passport-like system, potentially requiring proof of vaccination or testing certificates for travel remain (Article 35).  
  • A new section in article 44 says that “State Parties…shall maintain or increase domestic funding… to strengthen sustainable financing to support the implementation of these Regulations.” Taxpayer dollars are meant to be diverted to support the WHO’s plans and enrich Big Pharma.
  • Annex 1 requires states to develop the “core capacities” related to preparing for and responding to a pandemic. This includes addressing mis- and disinformation.

The bottom line 

All of this is in line with what we’ve been saying all along. We’re witnessing an attempt to build a global pandemic cartel. You’ll be told when the next pandemic is. They will try to make you afraid of the new virus (or other pathogen, regardless of its origin), then they’ll present you with the antidote in the form of a newly-developed, rapidly-produced, emergency-approved vaccine—maybe even some new-fangled cell or gene-based drugs! They’ll tell you that they are just “following the science” as they manipulate or withhold data on these so-called “relevant health products” to show they are “safe and effective,” while attacking, banning, and discrediting anyone who dares question these health edicts or offers alternatives. It’s clean, simple, one-size-fits-all medicine that ignores massive tracts of knowledge that we have about the delicate interplay between our immune systems and nature.

From left to right: Rob Verkerk PhD, musician Brad from Five Times August, Dr Ryan Cole, Del Bigtree, Dr Kat Lindley, and almost out of shot, artist Mark Hopkins (see below)

When a picture tells a thousand words: New York artist Mark Hopkins with his Last Supper rendition of the global conspirators — and others. The longer you look at this extraordinary painting the more you see....

Transcripts of ANH #WeAreTheChange Rally speeches

Rob Verkerk PhD

Freedom loving people, we stand together. Let’s be reminded that 500 years ago an Italian genius by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci said “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence”. 50 years ago Indira Gandhi, the third prime minister of India, talking at the United Nations to the Food & Agriculture Organization said, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress”. And much more recently a guy I think many of you know called Elon Musk, as he was going through the buyout of Twitter to liberate it, said “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy”.

I want to add something to that. If we lose the ability to express ourselves, to share our ideas, our conscience, our thoughts with one another, we not only lose democracy but we lose a sense of expression, a violation of an expression that for many of us, for decades, we thought was an unalienable right. Not only that, we lose one of the most fundamental pillars of medical ethics, the freedom to choose and the freedom to experience and express informed consent.

So, as we stand here in the light there are people close to us in the darkness who conspire and collude to try and remove these fundamental freedoms from us and this is our opportunity to be heard. Not just through our voices but through our hearts and in the unity of our spirits they need to hear us now. Together we want to say a few words and these are them: WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Meleni Aldridge

Welcome everybody who’s watching from so far away. Are we FREE? Are we SOVEREIGN? We will not be silenced, but now I want to speak to you of something that exists within the silence, something that transcends culture and race and geography and religion. Something that unites all of us human beings together and that is our inherent power to create.

To manifest and to literally make worlds. It is the thing that they have most wanted to keep us from remembering. They do not want us to access our power. I think you'll agree that they've done a great job in using division and polarity to divide us, to disconnect us from each other and from nature, they've used fear, they’ve used anger and they’ve enslaved this world for far too long and we have found each other from all walks of life, from all parts of the world.

We come together as change agents, as light workers, a crack master soul team come to get rid of the chains that have enslaved this earth, because the thing they don’t want us to remember is that we are creator beings. We have the ability within us to make worlds and this power exists within the silence. I ask all of you here and who are watching to close your eyes for a moment with open hearts. With clear minds let us envision a free world, a free world with no dark agendas, with no power control.

Let our light and our love flow out into the world to send a message to all the dark places. Let our ripple become a tidal wave of love to bring peace to our world. For this is the power that each one of us holds." So please keep your light shining and never ever forget the inherent power that each one of you holds because together we’ve got this and we’re going to walk each other home.

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