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Week No 20 | 18/05/2022


20 years on and shifting into overdrive

I write this on my way to Bath (Somerset, UK) for the Better Way conference. A large proportion of those medics, practitioners, scientists, lawyers and civil right activists from around the world who’ve been on the front lines, trying to steer our response to covid-19 in a direction that is proportionate to the threat, that makes sense scientifically, and is respectful of our human rights, are all doing the same. It is fitting that Bath is one of the great healing towns of England. We hope to see some of you in person (others might have virtual tickets so you might see us!) – and I’m looking forward to my participation in the Panel 7 slot on Sunday where we’ll be looking at new ways forward in health and care – a key focus of our work at ANH through our blueprint project.

This week – amongst our very hectic schedule – it’s also time to reflect on the last 20 years as we sail past the 15 May which marked the 20th anniversary of ANH - in the 20th week of the year. It feels like yesterday – and it’s been an extraordinary journey. When we started, it was about saving supplements from the claws of over-zealous regulators. The mission is now somewhat broader – it’s now about saving humanity, nature and our intimate, symbiotic relationship with it.

There’s obviously still a long way to go, but I’m proud to say a true alliance of interests has come together for this ambitious mission. It includes passionate lay members of the public, through to an incredibly diverse practitioner base, some of the world’s leading environmentalists, cutting edge natural health companies, sustainable agriculture experts, human rights activists, and more. We’re also about to launch ANH Europe from a new base in the Netherlands.

Dive in to this week’s newsletter and you’ll find:

  • My short video introduction to my ‘Planet in Crisis’ piece
  • The Oath of a Medicus – an updated version of the now largely sidelined Hippocratic Oath that was developed with our colleague and friend, US-based family physician, Dr Kat Lindley
  • Our 20th anniversary celebration piece
  • Our covid unwrapped and natural news update

A huge thank you to those of you who’ve supported and followed our work for part, or all, of the last 20 years. Given the predicament we – people and planet – find ourselves in, you could argue that the real work begins now. We’re shifting into overdrive and we hope you’ll join us. We’re so glad many of you will be with us on the journey towards a better world for future generations.

In health, naturally


Robert Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive & scientific director


Video: Planet in crisis


Check out Rob Verkerk's short video drawing attention to his analysis of the environmental crisis we're in the midst of - that extends far beyond climate change


Guest article: A New Hippocratic Oath - The Oath of a Medicus


In the post-covid era, Dr Kat Lindley decided to revisit and revise the Hippocratic Oath


Pathfinder Members Special: ANH @ 20 and we'd love to hear your views!


ANH is celebrating it's 20th birthday!


Covid News Unwrapped (week 20/2022)


Our curated roundup of global covid news and information continues as we document the effects of the coronavirus crisis and its ongoing legacy


Natural News Roundup (week 20/2022)


Fake meat losing public trust; A manufactured crisis?; 5G radiation damages male fertility; Pesticides change gut microbiome; Agrichemical companies try to corrupt science


Because of your support we're celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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