August Acceleration 2023: Reclaiming our Potential

03 Aug 2023

 August Acceleration 2023: Reclaiming Our Potential

Meleni Aldridge introduces this year’s self-development track and gives context to the nature of the theme

09 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series - Episode One: Emotions — The Bridge to Consciousness

An interview with psychotherapist and psychic medium, Xandra Hawes as she weaves together the many strands needed for emotional wellness

16 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series – Episode Two: Bio-energetic healing — releasing
the emotions that bind and freeing your potential

Join Meleni for a lively, life-changing, discussion with natural health and wellbeing coach, Sam Cooper

23 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series – Episode Three: Your Akashic Library of soul records — a portal to deep healing and transformation

If you’re unfamiliar with the Akasha or its relevance to us, join Meleni for another fascinating conversation with Erin Burke, who brings yet another facet to the concept of healing

August Acceleration 2022: Conscious Coherence

03 Aug 2022

 Introducing August 22’s Acceleration Series: Conscious Coherence

Creating balance and flourishing in a topsy turvy world

03 Aug 2022

August Acceleration: Passing the baton to the youth

Meleni Aldridge in conversation with Rain Trozzi, founder of Over to the Youth

09 Aug 2022

August Acceleration: Awakening - a doctor's journey

Meleni Aldridge's heart to heart with Dr Kat Lindley, US-based family physician and operations director of the US Global Covid Summit, in the second of our August Acceleration series

17 Aug 2022

August Acceleration: Turning a life-defining moment into a life's mission

Meleni Aldridge speaks to Dr Ben Brown ND about his journey to becoming a naturopath and how it's shaped and influenced his life

17 Aug 2022

 August Acceleration: Conscious Coherence - a guide to some resources

We're sharing a range of resources for anyone that would like to spend a bit more time exploring the concept of coherence - consciously

24 Aug 2022

 August Acceleration: Wheelchair wellness against all odds

In the last of this special series of interviews don't miss Meleni's inspirational conversation with Heather Chapman and her mission to change the lives of the movement-impaired - naturally


August Acceleration 2021: Skills, Strategies and Sovereignty 

28 Jul 2021

 August Acceleration: Fasting is the fastest way to a disease-free, long life

It's also a surefire way to clearer thinking, more energy and better emotional balance once your body is adjusted - all of which we need more than ever right now

04 Aug 2021

August Acceleration: Sovereign breath and forest bathing

Step away from your devices! Here are two simple, practical tools to navigate your world with more ease and grace in these increasingly turbulent times

11 Aug 2021

 August Acceleration: priming your inherent protection, simply

Because our immune systems don't need complex, magic bullets! Find out how simple, easy and inexpensive powerful immune hacks can be with Dr Benjamin Brown ND. It's essential prep for the months ahead

19 Aug 2021

 August Acceleration: Food, consciousness and community

Please join Meleni and Melissa with special guests for this 'feast with purpose'

25 Aug 2021

 August Acceleration: Expanding your toolkit of health and self-care skills

With a new, international, health eLearning platform. Join Meleni Aldridge as she talks to Dr Rosy Daniel about empowering ourselves to meet the demands of the days ahead