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  • As the use of GLP-1 weight loss drugs, such as WeGovy and Ozempic, increases, a new review published in Obesity, discusses the role of nutritional guidelines for patients to prevent nutritional deficiencies. It’s interesting to note the review was funded by pharma company, Eli Lilly, in order to create nutritional guidelines for weight loss medications. Its own injectable for weight loss is Terzepatide
  • Not only is the market for GLP-1 weight loss drugs growing exponentially, so is the market to sell ‘foods’ and supplements, marketed as 'nutritional support' as companies jump on the GLP-1 bandwagon. Nestlé has launched a website to “complement” people’s weight management journey offering a range of nutrition products. iHerb has also launched new products, developed by Drs Oz and Murray to support GLP-1 users
  • The more robust your gut health, the more resilient your mental health is likely to be. Published in Nature Mental Health, a new study found the gut microbiomes of people with more resilient mental health contained higher levels of anti-inflammatory microbes and had a strong gut barrier.

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  • Ever wondered about intermittent fasting's (IF) effect on our health and wellbeing? A plethora of science attests to its benefits for the health of our gut microbiome, particularly given our evolutionary heritage being built for famine, not for feast. It's why the ANH Food4Health guidelines recommends IF. In recent years there's been a lot of discussion about the use of IF - is it good, is it bad for health? Now a new study, published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, debunks four common 'myths' about IF in support of its multiple health benefits
  • Ketogenic diets improve healthspan and memory - in older mice. The new mouse study published in Cell Reports Medicine provides an insight into the mechanisms behind improvements in memory that tend to go hand in hand with ketogenic diets. In the US, a privately funded landmark inpatient study into the effectiveness of keto diets for treating schizophrenia has been halted by the Maryland Health Secretary. This study held so much promise to demonstrate how ketogenic diets can support mental health and outcomes for all. Find out more and sign a petition to restart the study
  • Even though 3 people died during the trial (note: some participants that experienced adverse events were switched to placebo) and 17% experienced serious adverse events, while 89% reported adverse events, with Alzheimer’s drug, donanemab, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has seen fit to approve its use
  • Campaigners in Switzerland have submitted a fifth petition, containing nearly 25,000 signatures, to Swiss authorities calling for a moratorium on genetic engineering to be extended as Big Biotech pushes for deregulation of gene edited organisms in the country
  • Monsanto has had to swallow defeat, after it dropped a legal challenge against a Mexican presidential decree, issued in 2020, aimed at banning glyphosate and GM corn for human consumption after four years of continued knock backs by Mexican courts
  • Awareness is growing as increasingly more people understand the harms of living in a toxic environment. More than three-quarters of people living in the EU, who were surveyed, are concerned about the impact of harmful chemicals and their impact on the environment according to a new EU barometer survey. Eighty four percent think new regulations are needed to end the continued ingress of chemicals into the environment we inhabit
  • Homeopathy is a useful addition to combat post-viral fatigue following covid, according to a small trial undertaken in an Indian homeopathic hospital. The study, which joins a plethora of scientific support for homeopathy, is being dismissed by sceptic, Edzard Ernst because the journal it was published in is too low level, the study size is small and perceived conflicts of interest. Rather a dichotomy really, given the same reasons could be used to dismiss multiple pharma backed studies.

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  • Giving children who are having ‘tantrums’ digital devices to distract and calm them down prevents them from being able to develop appropriate mechanisms to manage their emotion as they get older according a new study published in Frontiers in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

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  • Cows in Denmark will soon be subject to a carbon tax as Danish authorities agree the introduction of a new levy on livestock from 2030 under the heading of meeting climate targets. Patrick Holden, CEO of the Soil Association, explains why the move may cause more problems than it solves
  • New figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics highlight the continued drop in birthrates (fertility rates). The figures show the total fertility rate (TFR) in England and Wales decreased to 1.49 children per woman in 2022 from 1.55 in 2021. The drop is mostly being attributed to people not wanting/being able to afford to have children.

ANH-USA Update

Covid Update

  • Leading journal, The BMJ, is accused of publishing bias and failing to foster debate through covid by a new preprint paper. The authors of the paper found a huge skew towards publishing those supporting covid restrictions and shots whilst minimising dissenting voices
  • A Japanese study, which linked covid shots with an increase in cancer incidence, has been retracted by the journal, Cureus, after it was deemed that it’s not possible to correlate mortality rate and vaccination status using the data in the study. The Defender has the full story
  • Media headlines are alive with news that covid vaccines are safe in pregnancy following publication of a study in JAMA Pediatrics. The researchers concluded that covid vaccination during the first trimester of pregnancy posed no additional risk of major structural birth defects. However, the conclusions are disingenuous as babies born with birth defects to mothers who were either vaccinated prior to pregnancy, during later trimesters or remained unvaccinated throughout were not considered as part of the analysis, nor were stillbirths, miscarriages or therapeutic abortions, which might have given a different picture. It’s interesting to note that cardiac defects were the most common type of issue and that multiple authors received funding from several pharma companies including Pfizer
  • In direct contrast to the above claims, the first of a three part series of papers using data from the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), published as a preprint, finds covid genetic vaccines cause multiple negative outcomes in pregnant women. The group behind the paper, led by Dr James Thorp, is calling for an immediate to stop to the use of covid mRNA vaccines in pregnant women
  • Covid mRNA vaccines cause menstrual cycle irregularities. Findings from a new study published in Nature support previous concerns and findings. The new paper found the shots trigger an immune reaction, which in turn affects the development of egg cells.
  • Coming soon! Not one, not two, but three mRNA shots in one super convenient package so doctors can get more shots into people's arms. Moderna is planning to seek approval from the US FDA for its combined covid/flu shot, in which it also hopes to add RSV
  • Plans are advancing in Austria for the development and introduction of a digital vaccination certificate. The news comes after the Health Committee voted for a comprehensive amendment to the Health Telematics Act that will allow introduction of the eVaccination passport (ELGA), which will be linked to the vaccination schedule, despite many concerns being raised
  • Not everyone exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus gets covid. A recent trial deliberately infected volunteers with SARS-CoV-2. Of 16 healthy young volunteers, 6 developed mild symptoms and 7 didn’t catch covid at all suggesting an immediate and robust immune response. The researchers also identified a specific gene called HLA-DQA2, which was more active in those who developed mild or no covid infection. Results of the trial were published in Nature
  • Following the Supreme Court’s lifting of a preliminary injunction and the ruling that the plaintiffs in the Murthy v Missouri case have no legal standing, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) civil rights group has said the fight will continue as the team pursue expanded discovery in the lower courts in order to show direct harm caused by government censorship
  • The fight for free speech on social media platforms continues in the US. The Supreme Court has batted back lawsuits brought by Big Tech seeking to quash new laws passed in Texas and Florida preventing social media giants from censoring posts to be reevaluated
  • Top Australian mainstream media station, 7News, has aired a discussion about adverse reactions to covid shots, giving airtime to both those who’ve been injured and those advocating for the safety of the shots. Aussie 17 has an overview of the discussion
  • Two years after covid jab mandates in Australia were dropped, nearly 20 police officers and public servants have been fired by the West Australian Police Force for refusing to be vaccinated. The news comes following a Supreme Court ruling in April, that the mandates were ‘valid and lawful’, after which disciplinary procedures were restarted.


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