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Week No 37 | 13/09/2023


Dastardly devices

Are you a dopamine junkie – who relishes each dopamine hit from finding and swiping on your cellular phone? Probably not. But I bet you know others who are, especially young ones.

That’s the subject of our main piece this week: an in depth look at how our mobile devices are being used as tools of control and surveillance. Dependency and addiction is a prerequisite for it – and it’s everywhere. We could live with it if the mainstream scientific establishment was communicating about the risks – but no – when they’re communicating on this tech, it’s generally to praise its value. Please read and share.

We’ve got so much more. From loads of news, including new powers for UK authorities to break into houses to install smart meters and Dr Joe Mercola’s unsuccessful claim against YouTube censorship, through to my in-depth and revealing interview with New York-based ‘Natural Nurse’, Ellen Kamhi PhD, who’s been a natural health advocate since 1973.

Given shadow bans and censorship – all efforts you make in sharing our content are greatly appreciated.

In health, naturally,


Rob Verkerk Phd

Founder, executive and scientific director


Beyond digital addiction: how technologies are transforming our youths into obedient machines


In this article we explore the impact of digital technology on young people, the dangers of Big Tech’s game plan and we offer you a short but insightful conversation with behaviour and communications expert, David Charalambous, on the mechanisms of manipulation but also the solutions for creating a better future


Rob Verkerk PhD speaking naturally with the Natural Nurse


Rob Verkerk PhD joins the Natural Nurse, Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, on her podcast.


ANH News Beat (week 37/2023)


Our weekly roundup of the latest natural and covid news in one place. Read the headlines or click on the links to find out more


Learn & Journey: ANH events (week 37/2023)


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