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Natural News

  • Prof Gilles-Eric Seralini, whose work exposes and challenges Monsanto’s continued cover-up of the toxicity of glyphosate, is once again taking to the courts after journalists branded him a ‘fraudster’ and accused him of producing a ‘false’ study. Meanwhile, the intimidation and persecution of researchers investigating the harms of glyphosate and other herbicides, continues globally. A Canadian neurologist was threatened with disciplinary action after highlighting his concerns over the increasing numbers of young patients developing herbicide (including glyphosate) related neurological issues. In Brazil, Prof Larissa Bombardi, a geographer who exposed the dangers of pesticides to babies and children, was threatened and intimidated leading to her going into exile for her own safety, whilst Argentinian scientist, Dr Virginia Aparicio, who revealed disturbing data on the levels of pesticides in the blood, urine and stool of her patients, was threatened with prosecution if she didn’t withdraw the report she was due to present
  • A new preprint study reveals significant problems with the European Chemical Agency’s (ECHA) dismissal of evidence of glyphosate’s potential to damage DNA and promote the development of cancer leading to it branding glyphosate as non-carcinogenic. The ECHA’s deeply flawed assessment is being used by the European Commission as the basis of a proposal to extend the use of glyphosate in Member States. A coalition of EU health groups are calling for a full ban on glyphosate following publication of the paper. The Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe has more

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  • Prominent natural health advocate, Dr Joseph Mercola, has lost a case against YouTube for breach of contract and denying him access to his own videos, after YouTube deleted his channel. The judge dismissed the complaint and held that it is up to the platform to withdraw content that it deems “injurious” to its users, giving the video platform giant, carte blanche to police content as it deems appropriate thus setting a dangerous precedent for the ongoing censorship of material countering ‘allowed’ opinions.

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  • New legislation, being introduced in the UK, will give utility companies the power to enter any property to install a smart meter, with or without the consent of the occupant. The clause, which is part of the UK Energy Bill currently going through Parliament, gives authorities the right to apply ‘reasonable force’ to enter homes and install smart meters. The installation of smart meters gives energy companies the ability to control and/or switch off individual consumer’s energy supplies at will. The David Craig writing in the Daily Sceptic discusses the Bill and its impact in more detail
  • Not only can smart meters be used to control energy usage they also collect vast quantities of data along with many other smart home devices that are now part of the rapidly growing Internet of Things. The level to which smart devices are watching us and being used to harvest massive quantities of data, often not required for the devices to function, is revealed in new research from consumer champion Which? The report makes stark reading and should be a wake up call as the world we think we control, is wrested from our grip one stealthy step after another.

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  • Food emulsifiers, widely used in ultra-processed foods, have been implicated in the rise of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases that are now being seen in populations globally. The blame for the rise is being placed fairly and squarely on damage to the gut environment and microbiota from the consumption of emulsifiers, more often than not in ultra-processed foods, according to a new study analysing data from the NutriNet-Santé e-cohort, published in The BMJ.

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  • Big Food manufacturers are paying dietician social media 'influencers' to deliver 'industry friendly' messages to their followers. In a new investigation, The Washington Post reveals the latest campaign to counter messages from the World Health Organization warning of the health risks of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. In many cases those being paid to carry such messages were far from transparent about their funding sources.

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News from ANH-USA

  • Whole Foods Market has started to yank homeopathic medicines from its shelves after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deemed all homeopathic medicines illegal in 2018. Find out how you can take a stand against such actions
  • A new study, written by researchers with significant conflicts of interest, claims most fish oil supplements don’t match up to their claims and that consumers are being misled about the heart-protective effects of such supplements, despite a plethora of science showing their benefits. Read more

Covid News

  • A controversial virus hunting programme has been quietly shut down by the US Agency for International Development. The programme, designed to look for viruses in wildlife that might spark a human pandemic, has been heavily criticised over the potential catastrophic risks of such work
  • US Senator, Ron Johnson, is maintaining his quest to wrest data relating to the supposed ‘safety’ of covid injections from both the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as they continue to block his efforts. His latest request states that, “…the public has a right to know the extent to which their health may be negatively affected by this vaccine technology”, as the agencies continue to pressure people into accepting new covid boosters
  • An injunction restricting how the US government can communicate with social media platforms has been upheld by the Court of Appeal. The Panel of judges said attempts by the Biden Administration to censor, what it considered to be dis- and misinformation on a range of topics, violated social media companies’ policies and was likely a violation of the First Amendment
  • Evidence of an over 3.7-fold increase in the number of deaths due to cardiovascular events in vaccinated participants compared to the control group in the Pfizer covid 'vaccine' trials has been identified in a new preprint study . The study authors report that this significant adverse event signal was not shared by Pfizer/BioNTech and identify potential sources of significant data inconsistencies in the trial data

  • Protection against covid from bivalent jabs drops to near 0% after six months according a systematic review and meta-analysis published in JAMA Network Open
  • Legislation designed to ban the US federal government from reintroducing mask mandates has been tabled by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene. Under the Freedom to Breathe Act, the US government would be prevented from issuing orders requiring mask wearing on airplanes, public transport and educational establishments
  • Huntington Beach City Council in California has voted to ban the further introduction of mask and vaccine mandates as cases of covid increase
  • Vaccine adverse events reported in Germany have not been evaluated (link to German news site) because the authority appointed to deal with the system couldn’t cope with the deluge of reports. Data from 700,000 people are yet to be processed. News of the massive failing of the German authorities comes from the Brandenburg Corona Investigative Committee
  • Far from being neutral, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) are being funded by Western governments, both directly and indirectly. Public has the full story of a decades long censorship crusade, that’s ramped up massively in recent years


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