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If everyone could harness the power of natural health, we'd all be living in much healthier lives, in much healthier environments, that would in turn make our genes express themselves the way nature intended. This sentiment is central to any natural health approach, and one very close to the hearts of both Rob Verkerk PhD and New York-based registered nurse and natural health advocate, Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, widely known as the Natural Nurse.

Ellen has been involved in natural health since 1973 and has been on the airwaves sharing her knowledge on the subject since 1987. In her fascinating and wide ranging conversation with Rob, the two traversed many topics and areas related to natural health, including glyphosate (Roundup), GMOs, gene editing, greenwashing, electrosmog, risks from PFAS, health after-effects from the covid crisis, the shift towards transhumanism and risks associated with some of the technological solutions on offer, The fallout from covid continues to reverberate around the globe as old systems increasingly fail or collapse and new systems gather form as successors.

One message emerges: we need to each play our part in the creation of a different world and we can't afford to be passive bystanders, doing nothing to stop perpetrators of doom, control and restriction of fundamental rights, as such inaction simply reinforces the sense that nothing is wrong. Health autonomy gives us the right to manage our health and eat food that hasn't been genetically modified or produced in a lab. A peaceful revolution is taking place as people take control of their lives and health.

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Listen from 08:40 minutes to Rob's discussion with Ellen with Dr Z on Progressive Radio Voices (57 min total).

Download the podcast from Podbean.

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