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Week No 2 | 13/01/2022


Let’s exercise our freedom and intent

In a world in which media messaging is so tightly controlled and constricted, we’d hate you to not discover what’s really going on around the world with respect to covid. So we’re mixing things up this week and putting our covid unwrapped news at the top – very few of these barnstorming revelations will be known to those who only gather news from mainstream media channels.

Our next piece includes a 19-minute video in which I talk about the importance of freedom of speech, the framework for it that’s developed over the last 70 or so years in Europe, and our need to use every available opportunity to express it.

What follows is Meleni Aldridge’s call to self-determination of our physical, mental and spiritual health. More than resolutions – we need commitments and intentions for ’22. We’ll need to all be in the best possible condition to pull off what many of us feel is going to be essential if we’re to get humanity back on track before the end of the year.

And there’s still some more news for you — of a non-covid nature.

Let me finish by asking you to dwell momentarily on some words by science fiction writer RG Risch that he in turn attributed in his 2008 book ‘Beyond Mars – Crimson Fleet’ to a future Martian novelist named Adam Turquine, who would write in 2143:

“Conflict is created by two conditions: the evil that is sanctioned by the corrupted—and the sacrifice borne by upright men and women who chose to destroy it.”

We will, it seems, need to make further sacrifices to win back our freedoms. But our efforts won’t be in vain if we truly care for the generations ahead.

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Rob Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive & scientific director


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