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Week No 10 | 06/03/2019


Statin denial, death and depression

Our stats tell us that articles we publish on statins are amongst the most widely viewed and shared. So with a massive attack on UK 'statin deniers' - we have responded. The article I've penned is intended especially for those over-50s who are undecided but have had their doctors tell them they should take a statin - for life. 

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Our second piece, ably written by our trusty communications and outreach officer, Melissa Smith, reflects on the rising incidence of depression among generation Z, the first generation to be truly born into the digital age. The problem is of such magnitude and - like so many of the diseases we struggle with today - is borne of multiple causes, making it challenging to manage.


Robert Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive & scientific director


The deadly price of denial: from statins to low carb


Why the statin protagonists won't win the war


The diet/depression link in teenagers


Could increasing mental health problems in Gen Z teenagers be linked to diet?


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