David and Goliath battle for statin truth

The UK Mail on Sunday tabloid launched a full-scale attack on high profile statin opponents, Drs Aseem Malhotra and Malcolm Kendrick, along with Zoe Harcombe PhD, in an attempt to undermine, humiliate, intimidate and discredit them. The attack has all the hallmarks of a concerted attempt by Big Pharma to put any information opposing statin use firmly in the ‘fake’ news box. Despite being given virtually no time for response, both Zoe Harcombe and Malcolm Kendrick sent robust responses to Mail on Sunday reporter, Barney Calman. Unsurprisingly their comments were not included in his piece. Far from scaring them off, this defamatory attack has made them all the more determined to continue the path of good science, informed patient choice and transparency of information. Read Rob Verkerk's article on the issue here

The winners (and losers) in world health stakes

According to new figures published by Bloomberg, Spain tops the list as the World’s healthiest country, moving up from its 6th place position in 2017.  Drawing on data from the UN, World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO), 169 countries were scored on a range of factors including life expectancy, obesity, tobacco use, air quality and access to clean water. Researchers attributed Spain’s success to its Mediterranean diet. The US managed a paltry 35th place (down one from 2017), with the UK in 19th (up 4 places). With rising rates of obesity in ASEAN countries it’s unsurprising to see Singapore slipping 4 places to 8th. Given the UK’s ranking, the ANH-Intl sustainability blueprint is both timely and essential as the current burden of preventable chronic diseases continues to rise.

5G – no safety studies

Big Tech has admitted to carrying out no health and safety testing of 5G technology! This flies in the face of dozens of scientific studies pointing to the serious health risks posed by such technology. The shocking revelation was made under questioning as part of the US Senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing into 5G technology. The revelations underpin Big Tech’s complete disregard for the health of not just humans, but animals and the environment in its pursuit of profit. Read more on the dangers posed by electro-magnetic radiation and ways of shielding and reducing your exposure.

Gluten free wheat?

Despite the health challenges of gluten-containing carbs, bread and baked goods that are safe to eat are a little like the ‘holy grail’ for coeliacs and gluten-sensitive individuals. Dutch scientists are working with gene editing techniques known as CRISPR-Cas9 in a bid to remove toxic antigens in the gluten component of wheat, without damaging its unique baking qualities. However, CRISPR-Cas9 is not without its issues because nature isn’t that simple. We also now know that it’s not just the gluten component of gluten-containing grains contributing to health issues. Despite being labelled a fad, going gluten free is a must for many given their sensitivity issues. That’s why the ANH-Intl Food4Health guidelines are gluten-free and focus on naturally gluten-free, nutrient dense foods.

Berry good for you

The health benefits of berries are well known due to their high levels of phytonutrients, which are potent sources of antioxidants. A new study found eating just 200g of blueberries a month helped to lower blood pressure in healthy participants, due to high levels of anthocyanins, the phytochemicals responsible for the colour of blueberries. However, all berries are full of beneficial, phytonutrient-rich plant chemicals that are essential for our good health. Enjoyed as part of a wholefood, plant-based diet blueberries – and all berries – are useful colour sources for eating a ‘Rainbow’ daily.

Is Monsanto case judge biased?

The impartiality of Judge Chhabria has been called into question. Presiding over the first Roundup cancer lawsuit to be heard in a US Federal court, Judge Chhabria has banned attorney disclosure of Monsanto’s influence on government regulators and its manipulation of science showing a relationship between Roundup use and cancer. When the plaintiff’s attorney attempted to raise the subject Judge Chhabria threatened to sanction and shut her down. Questions have been asked whether there is a prior connection between Monsanto and the Judge influencing his unusual handling of this trial. We will be watching the development of this trial with interest. If there is any connection between the judge and Monsanto, it will likely come to light during the trial.