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Week No 26 | 29/06/2022


Farewell, freedom and the falls

This week your ANH newsletter comes to you from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, as Rob and I are here contributing to the 2nd World Congress of the World Council for Health and Doctors for Life. (You can find out more in our second article.)

It was with deep sadness for the loss of one of the world's most dedicated freedom fighters, but enormous gratitude, that we honoured the passing of Dr Zev Zelenko yesterday. He was a giant of a freedom fighter and maintained his resolve to resist the health tyranny we are facing till his last breath. It felt surreal and poignant seeing his name billed as the next presenter at the congress - via recorded video - having just heard of his passing. God speed Dr Zelenko, with our deep thanks for your contributions.

Don't miss Rob and David Charalambous' video discussion about communicating covid science. It's not only very useful, but a good insight into why we're running a dedicated training day on 24th September with David. See our new regular newsletter entry - Learn and Journey: ANH Events, for more on the Behaviour and Communication Magic day. No need to miss anything on our events calendar in future!

Also, our regular Covid News Unwrapped and Natural News Roundup. Whilst the fear narrative ramps up in the legacy media and calls for another wave of health tyranny sweep the globe, it's more important than ever for us to stand peacefully in our sovereignty and take even more care of our health with the right nutrition and lifestyle choices.

In health and freedom, naturally


Meleni Aldridge

Executive coordinator


Time to up our game, said late Dr Zev Zelenko


In memoriam to a great physician and freedom activist


Learning how to communicate covid science effectively


Rob Verkerk PhD in conversation with behaviour and communications expert David Charalambous


Covid News Unwrapped (week 26/2022)


Our curated roundup of global covid news and information continues as we document the effects of the coronavirus crisis and its ongoing legacy


Learn & Journey: ANH events


Upcoming events, conferences and existing courses


Natural News Roundup (week 26/2022)


UK plans expansion of digital health systems; Regenerative farming improves crops yields; Opposition grows to GE deregulation in UK; Gates expands farming empire; Glyphosate lethal for honeybees


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