By Rob Verkerk PhD, founder, executive and scientific director, ANH Intl

Yesterday, shortly after I’d spoken at the 2nd World Congress of the World Council for Health and Doctors for Life in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil – while I was sitting on the stage with the moderator of our panel, Brazilian physician, oncologist and immunologist, Dr Nise Yamagushi – we received the news of Dr Zev Zelenko’s passing.

We offer our deepest, most heartfelt condolences to Dr Zelenko's family.

A little over a month ago, Dr Zelenko issued a broadcast from his hospital bed telling his millions of supporters around the world that the terminal cancer diagnosis he had been battling for years had taken a turn for the worse. He said his health was now in a “precarious” state. Scans had detected a tumour in his heart’s right ventricle, a large clot had been discovered over it, and more tumours had been found in the lower left lobe of his lungs. But he asserted he was in a “very good state of mind” and “they will have to carry [his] body off the battlefield”.

That time has now come.      

But Dr Zelenko has left us with a legacy, one that goes far beyond being one of the first to come out of the blocks with an effective, risk-stratified, early treatment protocol, including zinc and hydroxychloroquine, that became known as the “Zelenko protocol”. The protocol was shown to be effective and likely saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but as mathematician Eleftherios Gkioulekas from the University of Texas affirmed, it was “the road not taken”.  Dr Gkioulekas’ analysis of available clinical results reveals just how effective the protocol was. Yet it was rejected because it ran counter to the narrative.

Donald Trump, as the then president of the USA, was quick to get behind the protocol in early 2020 and was convinced sufficiently to take hydroxychloroquine himself. But he too was challenged by Dr Fauci and others on this decision, such was the drive to get the US and much of the rest of the world behind untested “genetic vaccines” regardless of what could be achieved at a fraction of the cost to both human life and the economy.

Last month, Dr Zelenko said, “My resolve to help humanity, the vulnerable, the innocent, decent people, overcome this terrible darkness and plague that is upon us has never been stronger”. He added, “And if I have to leave the world, I accept God’s will, but I encourage and plead with everyone else to up your game and stand up and resist… publicly against the policies of tyranny that are coming again”.

Following is a video from Dr Zelenko made just a few days ago and available on the Zelenko Freedom Foundation website.

We all have a lot of work to do to ‘up our game’ and more than fill the space left by Zev Zelenko. 

Let’s get on with it – time is short. Especially in view of how we can expect authorities to respond to the current BA.5 variant of omicron that is not only escaping “genetic vaccines’, but also increasingly escaping naturally-acquired immunity.

Please get the word out, in Dr Zelenko’s name. Prevention and immune support with the right diet and lifestyle, is the best defence we have until such time we’re infected, then early treatment is all-important. Stand up to the tyranny whenever you see or encounter it. We can no longer separate the need to protect ourselves, from the need to protect those around us and wider society, as well as future generations, from the existential threats – predominantly human by origin – that we all now face.

Rest in peace, Dr Zelenko. We offer you our deepest gratitude for what you have left us, and the sense of empowerment you've given us through your courage, honesty and pursuit of truth and freedom We won’t let you down.


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