On 8th July it emerged that the result of the vote was actually Ayes 8 Noes 6. The explanation given for this, by Chris Grayling MP, was that the clerk had “read it out wrong initially.”

The Ayes were listed as follows:

Charlotte Atkins (Labour), Ross Cranston (Labour), Geraint Davies (Labour), Miss Melanie Johnson (Labour), Jim Knight (Labour), John Mann (Labour), Geoffrey Robinson (Labour), Claire Ward (Labour).

The Noes were listed as follows:

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Mark Francois (Conservative), Chris Grayling (Conservative), Miss Julie Kirkbride (Conservative), Paul Marsden (LibDem), David Tredinnick (Conservative).


The mood throughout the Standing Committee meeting was rebellious and it is notable that not one single MP that was present spoke in favour of the regulations.

The meeting lasted for one hour and thirty-one minutes, including the vote. The Junior Health Minister Melanie Johnson spoke for less than twenty minutes, and it was clear to all present that when she did finally stand up to speak she was doing her level best to avoid answering questions on the more controversial aspects of the legislation.

It is also now clear that had the Government not packed the Committee and removed dissenting Labour MPs the Regulations would not have been voted through.

I understand that the Regulations will now technically be notified to the full House of Commons as having been considered by the Committee, but it seems unlikely that there will be a Division of the full House on the matter. A Division of the full House will not occur unless the Conservatives decide to ask for one, and it would currently appear they have no intention of doing so.