Our Work

We are dedicated to promoting and protecting our right to sustainable natural health around the world – by working with nature, not against it.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever had" - Margaret Mead

The natural health revolution is happening all around us! More and more of us believe in the power of wholesome, naturally produced and prepared food, plants, herbs and other natural products. Many of us rely on forms of medicine or health care that are still not accepted by the medical mainstream. That’s not because they don’t work. It’s because our reliance on natural health upsets some of the biggest commercial interests in the food, agricultural and healthcare industries.

This revolution is gaining momentum because people want change. Millions are witness to the profound benefits of natural health and are passionate about optimising their health by working with nature, rather than against it.

We want to make sure that the health care systems, and the scientific and legal frameworks within which they exist, that we leave for the next generation are both future fit – and sustainable.

When laws are not fit for purpose...

Most of us are not averse to sensible, proportionate regulation of different areas of our lives. It helps to keep us safe, and it’s intended to make sure businesses can operate smoothly and compete fairly.

But many of the laws affecting natural health are disproportionate. They may place unfair burdens on small businesses which make or sell natural health products. They may unnecessarily classify natural products as drugs, just because they actually work!

Find out more about our most well known regulatory activist work below.

  • Going to the European Court of Justice to protect our access to natural sources of vitamins and minerals

       - Opinion on Alliance for Natural Health and Others v UK (Joined Cases C-154/04 and C-155/04)
       - Judgment on Alliance for Natural Health and Others v UK (Joined Cases C-154/04 and C-155/04)