Weekly news update (week 42, 2021)

20 October 2021

Mexico rejects GMOs; Life expectancy declines in England; Nutrition training for doctors; Ultra-processed consumption increase; Weight loss and exercise; Eat nuts & seeds to improve longevity; Omega 3 oils improve gut health

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Weekly news update (week 41, 2021)

14 October 2021

Calls to limit B6 supplement dose; FDA wants to improve kids diets; Artificial sweeteners damage gut health; Basil may protect against Alzheimer’s; Mood enhancing nature

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Weekly news update (week 39, 2021)

29 September 2021

Insulin resistance & depression; Flavonoids and gut health; Synbiotics reduce stress reactions; Pharmaceuticals damage the microbiome; The dangers of EMFs; FDA’s approvals process criticised; Kratom witchunt; UK to allow gene editing

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Weekly news update (week 36, 2021)

08 September 2021

The war against ivermectin; Time restricted eating benefits; Global citizens stand together; Sanctions for Drs who speak out; Has plant-based reached 'peak popularity'?; Ontario reports myocarditis cases in kids

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