Weekly news update (week 31, 2021)

04 August 2021

Letter to the unvaccinated; UK National Food Strategy; Australia becomes a police state; UK public wants regulation of gene editing; Beyond Meat’s CEO calls for meat tax; Long covid in children rare; Drop in wellbeing; Covid vaccine news; Natural immunity protects against covid

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Weekly news update (week 30, 2021)

28 July 2021

WHO warns of vaping dangers; Pregnancy & statins; Artemisia & covid-19; Covid vaccines & prion disease; Lockdown harms; Is UK heading toward social credit system?; CDC withdraws EUA for PCR tests; Covid vaccines news

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Weekly news update (week 29, 2021)

22 July 2021

US vaccine deaths; Prof Chris Exley ‘cancelled’; Corruption of UK health politics; Covid censorship; Ultra-processed foods and IBD; Covid vaccine news; Vaccine passports; Drug trial adverse reporting; Kids & covid vaccines; Plastics more harmful than realised; Founder says don’t trust Wikipedia!

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Weekly news update (week 28, 2021)

15 July 2021

Vanden Bossche vindicated by SAGE; Global vaccine tyranny; Antibiotic resistance crisis; EU should regulate gene editing; Keto diet & cancer; Magic pill for coeliacs; UK theatres open, then close!; Covid vaccine pushbacks; Fermented food for gut health; Covid vaccines, infections & adverse reactions; Censored & suspended

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