Health Professionals

Together we are stronger!

As part of our mission to promote and protect our right to sustainable natural health around the world, we’re growing our alliance and network of health and fitness professionals and their associations.

At ANH we’re helping to create a common language that all health-related professionals can use in communicating with each other – and with their patients or clients.

As an alliance, we encourage health-related professionals from all fields of ‘natural health’ to come together to share information, challenges, methods, experiences and outcomes. Given increasing regulatory threats to the practice of natural health modalities, ANH has also been at the forefront of protecting practitioners’ rights to practice.

By working with us, we can speak with a united and powerful voice to help co-create more sustainable systems of health care. Not just for our sakes, but the sake of generations to come.

As a non-profit, our work is entirely dependent on your support, be it financial or otherwise — and for that we're incredibly grateful.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you could collaborate with us, whether you’re an individual practitioner or you represent an association, please email our outreach and communications officer, Melissa Smith on [email protected] or telephone +44 (0)1306 646 600 during UK working hours