Press Release
Brussels, December 17th 2003

European Parliament Sacrifices Homeopathy

The homeopathic community is very much disappointed by the results of the vote which took place today in the European Parliament. Doctors', practitioners', patients' and manufacturers' organisations deplore that the European Parliament obviously lost interest in being the advocate for over 100 million of patients who use homeopathy regularly.

A modern and harmonised legal framework would have been an attainable step in order to ensure a real European market for homeopathic medicinal products. This opportunity however, was given away, sacrificed in favour of a bigger political deal, a package solution which focussed on conventional medicines only. The homeopathic file, despite the millions of patients it represents, was considered of minor importance.

The consequences of this vote will be disastrous for the following groups of people: patients will lose a huge range of medicaments they used in the past, homeopathic and anthroposophic practitioners will have no longer the same choice of products, manufacturers will question the feasibility of being able to market the large range of products that have been available to date.

Spreading the benefits of homeopathy for the treatment of chronic and other diseases into the enlarged Europe is now virtually excluded. If you need further information please contact:

Christine Wild, press ECHAMP
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