Taking a stand

A leading organic and whole food store, Fresh & Wild, is taking a stand against the forthcoming EU Food Supplements Directive, which threatens to ban thousands of natural food supplements as of August next year.

The store has decided, in the first of its “5% days”, to donate 5% of today's takings to the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), a pan-European organisation of scientists, medical doctors, complementary medicine practitioners, lawyers, consumers, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers of innovative natural health products. The donation will be used to help fund the ANH's legal challenge against the EU Food Supplements Directive.

ANH representatives will be present in the London stores today to help inform Fresh & Wild customers about the ANH's campaign which aims to protect the long-term availability of natural health products that are now used by around 50% of the UK's population.

Dr Robert Verkerk, executive director of the ANH, who will be visiting the Notting Hill store today, said, “Fresh & Wild is a forward thinking company. It appreciates the importance of keeping a wide selection of natural health products in the marketplace to allow people the freedom to care for themselves in the way they choose. With conventional healthcare costs skyrocketing, there is no place for legislation that restricts availability of natural products that can help to maintain good health.”

The EU Food Supplements Directive

In January, the ANH's case challenging the EU Food Supplements Directive was successfully referred by the High Court, London, to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The case, which is expected to be heard next year, aims to overturn the ban on thousands of vitamin and mineral food supplement products which do not comply with the restrictive ‘positive list.'

The EU Directive has been so controversial because it sanctions the continued use of many of the synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals that are typically found in mainstream products sold in supermarkets and pharmacies, while many natural and food-forms of vitamins and minerals will be banned unless technical dossiers are submitted and approved by an EU organ, the European Food Safety Authority.

The EU Directive will effectively reverse the burden of proof, forcing manufacturers to provide comprehensive data for foodstuffs that have been widely and safely sold to the public for years. Many of the small manufacturers producing food-form nutrients simply cannot afford the cost of generating the required data, thus preventing a large number of products from being sold.

Subsequent phases of the Directive could be at least as damaging to companies as the restrictions on vitamin and mineral forms. These are likely to ‘break the camel's back' in the case of many smaller manufacturers and retailers. After 2005, restrictions will be placed both on allowed dosages of vitamins and minerals as well as on the existing huge range of non-vitamin and mineral ingredients, such as herbs, phytonutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, and other nutrients.

Government surveys on UK diet

A recent government survey, part of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS)[1], has show that the average diet typically provides inadequate amounts of particular micronutrients such as Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine and copper. A comparison of two NDNS surveys, 1986/7 and 2000/1, shows a marked decline in intakes of key nutrients in the average diet between the two surveys, especially in the case of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc. Inadequate intakes of these and other nutrients have been associated with increased risk of most of the key degenerative diseases, including heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Food supplements are a cost effective and efficient means of increasing micronutrient intake and their use is increasingly supported by medical researchers who have highlighted the health implications of inadequate micronutrient consumption.[2]

Fresh & Wild's appeal

To help raise funds for the legal challenge, Fresh & Wild and the ANH are calling on as many people as possible to visit one of Fresh and Wild's six London stores today (15 July) Fresh & Wild stores are located in Camden Town, the City, Clapham Junction, Notting Hill, Soho and Stoke Newington (see for store details).

For further information, please contact:

Dr Robert Verkerk
Executive Director
Alliance for Natural Health
Tel: 01252 371 275
E-mail: [email protected]

Jeff Martin
Natural Remedies Coordinator
Fresh & Wild
Tel: 020 7025 6030 ext. 228
Email: [email protected]
List of organisations already supporting the ANH legal challenge

Complementary Health Associations

Asociacion Espanola de Nutricionistas y Terapeutas Ortomoleculares Cualificados (AENTOC) (Spain):
British Association of Complementary Medicine (UK):
British Association of Nutritional Therapists (UK):
British Society for Allergy Environmental and Nutritional Medicine (UK):
Candida Society (UK):
Committee for Alternative Medicine/KAM (Sweden):
Complementary Medical Association (UK):
Dansk Forening af Medicinske Urteterapeuter (Denmark): Tel. +45 3393 6162
Guild of Complementary Practitioners (UK):
Institute for Complementary Medicine (UK):
Landsorganisationen Natursundhedsraadet (Denmark): Tel. +45 4828 8700
Näringsmedicinska Terapeutförbundets (Sweden):
Norsk Forening for Helhetsmedisin (Norwegian Association of Holistic/Wholeness Medicine):
Norsk skole for Tradisjonell Kinesisk Medisin (Norway):;
Society for Complementary Medicine (UK): Tel: 020 8941 9288
Stichting Orthomoleculaire Educatie (Netherlands):


Innovative manufacturers, suppliers & distributors

Alpha Plus, Sweden:
Amalgamskadefonden, Sweden:
Best Care Products Ltd, UK: (0) 1342 410303
BioCare, UK:
Brabant House Clinic, UK:
Diva-Diet, France:
Douglas Laboratories, USA/Europe/worldwide:
Earth Force, UK:
Fresh & Wild, The Real Food Store,UK:
G & G Food Supplies Ltd, UK/world:
GCI Nutrients, USA/worldwide:
Gee Lawson Nutritional:
Go-Ionic (liquid trace minerals), UK/Ireland:
Good Health Naturally Inc, Channel Islands:
Health Crusader, US:
Health Leads UK:
Healthpol, UK: Tel/Fax: 020 8360 0386
Hela Pharma AB, Sweden:
Invision International Inc., USA/Europe:
Jagulana Herbal Products, USA:
Jarrow Formulas Inc., USA/Europe:
Life Extension Foundation, US/World;
Maximuscle Ltd, UK: 01923 650600
McKeith Research, UK/Europe:
Mineral Resources International, USA:
MRM Europe Ltd:
Natural Animal Feeds & Nutritional Laboratories (UK):
Naturalife, Ireland:
Nature Products AB, Sweden
Natures Benefit Inc, USA/Europe
Nature's Plus, Benelux:
Natures Remedies, UK/Europe:
Neways UK Distributors,UK:
Nutri (practitioner supplier), Europe:
Nutrico BV,
Nutri-Link (+44 1626 205405), UK/Europe:
Regenerative Nutrition, Channel Isl.: tel. 08707 446 850
Regumed GmbH, Germany:
Safe Remedies, UK:
Taylor Jackson Health Products, UK: 01923 853111
The Geoffrey Ashdown Fund (The Radionic Association),UK:
The International Nutrition Company, Netherlands:
The Medicine Shop and Clinic, UK:
The Really Healthy Company, UK:
Tony Quinn Group, Ireland:
Trace Elements, USA: tel: (+00 1) 972 250 6410
UltraLife Ltd, UK:
Vitals, Netherlands:
Wholefoods Wholesale, Dublin: tel 353 162 62315
Worldwide Health Corporation, Channel Islands/Europe:


Trade Associations

Irish Association of Health Stores (Ireland)
Southern African Natural Products Trade Association (Southern Africa/Europe)


Practitioner Clinics / Colleges

Arterial Disease Clinic, UK:
Bioenergetic Health System, UK:
Biolab Medical Unit, UK:
Cala Cervera, Spain:
Creative Healing, UK: tel. 07074 805805 or 01767 627142
Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, UK:
eOn Lifestyle, UK (Integrated Health Centre due to open Autumn 2004):
Global Healing Center, Houston, US:
The College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK:
The Natural Therapy Centre, Cyprus:
The Red Apple Clinic, UK: [email protected]



Dennis the Chemist (on-line complementary health products, UK):
Especially Health (health foodstore),Sevenoaks, UK:(01732) 749780
Healing Naturally (mail order natural products and Gerson supplies), UK:
Hopsack Health Store (health food store), Dublin, Ireland: tel/fax (+353) (0)1 496 0399
Mister GreenGenes (health food store and internet sales), Las Vegas, NV, USA:
Olivers Wholefoods (health food store) Richmond,UK: (+44) (0) 208 948 3990
Tir Na nOg Natural Foods, Sligo, Ireland Tel (+353)(0)719162752
Well and Good (health food store), Midleton, Co. Cork, Dublin, Ireland: tel. (+353) (0)21 463 3499


International, Consumer & Health Advocacy NGOs

American Association of Health Freedom (USA):
Candida International (France/world):
Campaign for Truth in Medicine (UK):
Citizens for Health (USA):
Citizens for Health Choices (New Zealand):
Friends of Freedom (Canada):
Fritt Helsevalg (Norway):
Gestion de la Santé (France):
Halsororelsen (Sweden):
Harmonic Health (Netherlands):
Health Freedom Movement (UK):
Health Supreme (Italy):
International Advocates for Health Freedom (USA):
International Ayurveda Foundation (UK/Europe/India)
La Leva di Archimede (Italy):
MayDay (Denmark):
National Health Federation (USA):
Stichting Gezond Verstand! (Benelux): +31 76 596 61 00
Union Nationale des Associations Citoyennes de Sante (UNACS) (France):
Zeus Information Service (UK):


Miscellaneous Supporters

Agora Lifestyles (leading UK lifestyles publisher):
Alternative Medicine Magazine,US:
Constipation Resource Center, US:
Fitness Analyst, UK/International:
Living NOW magazine (Australia):
Ultimate Water Limited,
The Kent Stress Centre (complementary medical charity) UK: 01227 363066
The Vitamin Lawyer Website (US):
Vitamin News / Vitamin Lawyer News (US/world):
What medicine? UK guide to natural health:
Zeus Information Service, Alternative News for Health Practitioners:

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